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Using Facebook in promoting your events is potentially the best social media marketing you can invest in. Especially now that at least 550 million is highly-engaged in Facebook events every month.

You probably already know this and all the possibilities that Facebook have. Maybe you’re ready to promote your event on Facebook so let’s just get to the process.

Optimize your event’s page

Before showcasing your event, you must first optimize your event’s page.

1. Name your event

Pick a short and memorable name. Longer titles won’t look good when viewed on mobile devices so they will less likely provide good results.

As in the sample event above, which is the upcoming Annual Chicago Jazz Festival, adding a milestone (40th years) will make the event’s name more memorable than merely using the official event’s name.

If you are promoting a film, make sure to add specific details to your event’s name so the audience won’t be confused.

2. Add information and data about your event

To effectively use Facebook’s algorithm, you should input your event’s information correctly. Add the date(s), venue, and additional details.

3. Optimize notifications

One of the mistakes that event planners make is notifying their already engaged audience about the event. Most people will consider this annoying so you should only notify your audience once—that is a day before the event.

Instead, notify your audience about the event through a company, organization, or product page.

4. Add a customized cover photo

Ideally, your cover photo should be 1920 x 1080 pixels and should be eye-catching.

Prepare your audience before the event

Some event planners or marketers make sure all their contents and products are ready before they make the event’s page. Yet, it is more effective to create the page while you’re still preparing for the event.

This will excite the audience, giving them the feeling that you’re preparing the event with them. At the same time, they will have enough time to prepare their schedules and budget for the event.

Let your audience know about your preparation by sharing some ‘behind the scenes’ photos or videos. You can also post trailers, teasers, or screenshots of your content. When your audience is excited about the event, they will be more courageous and enthusiastic to share it with their friends and to the world.

You can also use Facebook Live to share important parts of your preparation.

Use a company, organization, or product page to promote the event

Events come and go. However, a company, organization, or product should be long-lasting. Remember that you are organizing an event because you want to promote a product or campaign in the first place.

You should place the module “Upcoming Events” at the top of your company or organization’s page.

In the example above, the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) placed their “Upcoming Events” module close to the top of their page.

You should also add an “Events” tab on your page so your audience will be encouraged to check out all your upcoming events.

Additionally, by simply sharing and posting upcoming events on your page, you will generate interest from your followers. Most of these followers will share your posts, too, so it is a great way to promote your event.

Promote with event’s co-hosts

Consider using your partners’ Facebook influence to generate buzz and increase audience.

You can add your co-hosts on your event’s page. Then, your partners will be able to add modules and posts on their own pages about the event.

Or you can share your events on other pages that are in line with your niche. Explore Facebook and just keep on sharing so all your potentially interested audience will find your event.

Facebook Advertisement

Be sure to take advantage of the Facebook Ads because this is the most powerful tool in Facebook. Facebook Ads will target your campaigns and events very specifically. You can filter who will find your ad by age, location, gender, language, education, likes, interests, connection, workplace, and more.

You can also create a ‘Custom Audience’ based on your own contacts, site traffic, and mobile app.

To use Facebook Ads properly, study the three main advertising functions that Facebook can support to help event organizers in promotion below.

Ads to gather responses. These ads are for organizers who simply want to create a buzz. The audience can choose the “Interested” or “Going” button. However, they won’t be required or bound to exactly buy tickets or attend the event. Organizers only want to share the event and determine the expected size of their audience.

These ads are commonly used for free to attend events, festivals, and conferences.

Ads to compel event registrations. These type of ads drive potential event attendees to an event registration page. The page can be made directly on Facebook or can lead to a third party website.

These ads will have the “Buy Tickets” button and will look completely like the ads to gather responses.

Facebook Ads Manager and Editor. To target specific people, you can use the more advanced features of Facebook Ads. You can create a custom campaign and make a modified target event attendees so Facebook can match them to the right people.

Moreover, to maximize ad efforts, ad campaigns must also be perfectly optimized for mobile devices. All photos and images must be clear, and text should be readable.

Types of ad formats in Facebook:

  1. Photo
  2. Video
  3. Slideshow
  4. Carousel
  5. Collection
  6. Messenger

In addition to the tips above, you should also keep in mind that Facebook changes every day so it is important to stay updated and adapt to the changes.

Since most people now engage in Facebook, it is an ideal channel to reach out to any type of audience. It is the easiest social media platform to generate buzz and raise event awareness. However, you must follow a practical plan to get the results that you want to have.

Furthermore, you should also consider other social media channels (like Twitter and Instagram) to reach out to your target audience that is not active on Facebook.

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