Approximately 1.59 billion people on the planet have a Facebook account and use it daily. With this many users, that means businesses can’t afford to ignore Facebook’s impact on every business’ marketing strategies. This applies to their customers and even their business partners. You need more visibility. And here’s how to improve Facebook Business Page visibility for a much better time running the business.

Yes, it’s true that the value of your own website cannot compare to your accounts on Facebook. But it’s also crucial to remember that Facebook pages also get rankings on Google’s search results.

Don’t forget that people also make use of Facebook Search to find specific posts, businesses, and answers to their questions or problems. The social media platform developed by Zuckerberg is a working and viable search channel itself.

Learning how to improve Facebook Business Page visibility is just the beginning. And that’s what we’ll talk about today.

How to Improve Facebook Business Page Visibility

With a goal to learn how to improve Facebook Business Page visibility, how exactly do you go about giving your content and your Facebook page the best possibilities to show up for Google search results and Facebook results?

It’s time to give your Facebook Business Page a bit of a competitive edge that will better its visibility in both search results.

#1 Business Names and Keywords

Image Credit: Web Marketing Therapy

The first piece of advice is to combine your business name with the keyword an optimized page name.

Business owners know that choosing the right name for a Facebook Business Page is the first puzzle piece to the gigantic jigsaw picture. It is absolutely crucial that you do not confuse your Facebook username with the name of your page. 

Just so we’re clear, your username is the unique identifier at the end of your Facebook URL. It also appears below your page name after the @ symbol. 

Your Facebook page name is the title of your page, and it’s what appears in Facebook search results.

Businesses that are established can easily have their business name as their page name. But if you’re just starting your business, or if you belong in a very unique niche where a lot of terms may be similar to each other, a little more strategy would be needed.

Think about it this way. People who search online are more likely to use keywords instead of brand names when they do their searches. So relying solely on your actual business name for the Facebook business page may not be an effective idea.

So combine your business name with a keyword phrase that talks about the services and products that your company provides to its customers.

In addition to your page name having keywords that will help people understand what you do and what you offer, you should also optimize your username for easy recall. Experts advise creating a username that’s similar to your page name, which helps strengthen your brand recognition.

#2 Search Snippets and Your About Section

People who see your business for the first time don’t know anything about you. For this reason, it’s an absolute necessity that every field in your Facebook business page’s About section is filled out where possible.

But here’s another catch.

Your About section is also a place to land yourself a spot in search snippets (both for Google and Facebook). The most basic idea is to put the most informational and promotional copy in the limited space — preferably in list format so it can cater to both voice-search and nab a featured snippet position on Google.

For visualization, Postmate’s Facebook page has a very good example.

Image Credit: Social Media Examiner

This is how it looks on Google and on Facebook search results, respectively.

Image Credit: Social Media Examiner

Image Credit: Social Media Examiner

#3 Page Information and Local Searches

Image Credit: Neil Patel

Facebook considers a user’s location when it gives back results in response to a search that was performed. Moreover, Facebook also made changes to the mobile version, and not its slightly akin to Google Maps and makes local search much more convenient for users.

What does this functionality tell you in learning how to improve Facebook business page visibility?

It largely benefits local businesses and startup companies.

Much like you would do in filling out the NAP for Google search optimization, it’s also advisable to optimize Facebook page for local search results. Fill out the country, city, address, and the zip code fields.

#4 Keywords and Page Content

Facebook business page optimization extends to content as well.

As digital and advertising agencies in Perth, Vancouver, New York, London, etc., would know, every digital marketing and advertising strategy relies on keyword research. It’s nigh impossible to achieve desired results from paid search or organic efforts without ample knowledge on the words that your customers use to search for your business and the information you provide.

So after doing your keyword research, be careful to naturally include these keywords in the posts you publish, in the captions and descriptions of every image you share, and in the descriptions and titles of the videos you’ll upload.

The Takeaway

Learning how to improve Facebook business page visibility is integral to your strategy. Because with proper social media marketing, you can effectively reach the customers you want and present your value to them — telling them what products and services you offer to make their lives just a tad bit more comfortable.

Social media presence is no longer an option. It’s a necessity, and it’s so crucial to your business’ survival in a highly competitive world.

So whether you’re just starting out or have already been at it for a long while, you still need to ensure that your Facebook business page is fully optimized to meet both Facebook’s and Google’s standards.

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