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The way customers shop has drastically changed over the years. These days, customers can directly go online, search and get suggestions on where to buy items.

With shopping made simple, it has become harder for businesses to get customers to buy from them. As most retail companies have now embarked on online, the online shopping landscape has become crowded. It has become overcrowded that encouraging customers to shop also has become more complicated.

This is why most businesses are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors. For marketers or business owners, that is the only way you can get a competitive edge over your competitors.

Shopping As An Experience

Experience is one of the few things that customers use as a measurement on whether or not they will continue dealing with a business.

In a survey from Marketing Sherpa, it was revealed that 55% of satisfied customers cited their shopping experience is easy, and 46% of them said it was enjoyable.

Via Marketing Sherpa

Anyone in the retail industry (online or in-store) would agree that customers experience is an essential factor in sales conversions.

But how will you be able to enhance your customer online shopping experience?

Embracing The Mobile Technology

In ecommerce, merely having a website or an online store is not enough to drive excellent customer experience.

In 2017, mobile web traffic accounted for more than 50% of the total web traffic.  With the staggering growth of mobile users, it is safe to say that mobile could be a promising tool to enhance the online shopping experience.

Here’s how you can use mobile to enhance customers shopping experience.

Creating A Viable Engagement Loop

Customer engagement is one of the most critical elements that can drive leads to business. That is why, as marketers, we don’t get tired of keeping our channels active.

As mobile apps are becoming more popular, your business can capitalize on this tool by enhancing customer engagement and bring it to a more personal level.

Yes, mobile apps can enhance personalization. And personalization can drive better sales.

You can use mobile apps not only to simplify the checkout process but also to encourage reviews and ratings, interact seamlessly with customers and launch exclusive discounts and offers.

So how will you use this for engagement? When a customer uses a mobile app to interact with your business, you can get access to data exclusive to that particular customer.

Data like searching behavior, coupon redemptions, and purchasing activities among many others is a useful material to understand your customer on a more personal level. You can then customize offers tailored to the customer’s needs and wants.

With targeted promotions based on customer’s interest you make shopping easy and exciting for them thus you also get more traffic and eventually increase your sales.

Improved Use Of Emails

While the use of various channels has been a useful tool for communication, nothing seems to beat email for a more professional way to communicate with the customers.

Customer views email positively as it gives them control through various email filters that separate messages from regular massages promotions, updates, etc. to spam.

However, because some businesses abuse the use of emails, open rates have declined over the past years.

With the growing mobile users, retail can capitalize on emails to establish a value proposition which in return can be beneficial for the consumer.

Take for example, if your customer shops through a smartphone while on the go and decided to pick up the item in-store rather than waiting for the delivery. A service employee can send an email notification to a customer that the product is ready for pickup. No more long queues in the counter or waiting at the service desk.

Likewise, using localization or geographical information, the retail store can send over notifications through email to customer on other products available on that particular store location.

Using mobile email marketing, retail stores can go beyond commercial messages. Transactional and other useful messages can be used to improve the flow of transaction processes which can harness a relationship with customers.

Better Omnichannel Experience

Customers are more likely to use multiple devices before making a purchase. In most of these transactions, smartphones are frequently used.  Here’s a chart from a Google study in 2012.

You can use this as an opportunity for your retails store to provide customers with a better seamless experience.

Imagine, a customer searching over your online shop through desktop but did not make a purchase. While in a restaurant, she decides to open your store through mobile and she received an email on an exclusive deal for the particular product she viewed. She decided to purchase the product but wants to pick it up at the nearest store instead.

Your GPS-enabled smartphone can detect geographical location. Thus you can send a notification to the customer via SMS or email on the nearest store where she can pick up the item.

Smartphones are an essential element of omnichannel marketing. Through the use of smartphones, you can deliver continuous transaction and make shopping stress-free for customers.

By investing to mobile, you answer the call of customers for better and more accessible way to shop. Mobile is more than just an additional or optional feature for your retails company. It is an integral part where you can listen, engage and deliver quality service that your customers want.

Mobile ecommerce happening now and the impact it can bring to your business can happen the moment you started and can resonate with your future’s retail success.

While you go mobile to keep up with today’s retail landscape, you are not just preparing for today; you are preparing your business for the future.

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