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It’s been confirmed last October 27: Emojis now act as marketing search terms in Bing. Who would have thought that those cute, little pictures would render results in queries? Believe it or not, they do now.

Today, Bing users would find it easier to search. For example, when someone searches for an online bridal business, she can simply input images of a bride and a shower to find queries related to ‘bridal shower’ (semantic meaning). No more tedious typing of letters required in the process.

What are Emojis?

Though emojis are incredibly popular, not everyone knows what emojis are, particularly in the business aspect as emojis belong to an informal conversational language which don’t usually reside in the aspect of formality. But for those who don’t know yet what these pictures represent, Bing defined them as small pictures used to express an idea or emotions – from different types of facial expressions, to animals of nature, to important events, to various places, and symbols.

They were started being used in Japanese electronic messages and webpages, and soon were spread all over the world. Surprisingly, Bing added a new meaning to smiley faces. Consider them now as few nifty shortcuts to some long words and phrases you usually use in search queries.

Mapping of Figures

You might wonder how Microsoft added the algorithm on Bing to effectively provide right search results for each emoji character. According to a report, it relies largely on the official names ascribed to each figurine or image. But there are other search terms added. For example, taking the word ‘eggplant’. Since the official name for eggplant is ‘aubergine’ (British), programmers took some liberty on it to map the word eggplant.

How to Download Emoji?

Spice up your searching experience by downloading chromoji. You can download it easily – for free. Once you have added the application, a rocket icon appears on your browser, just like the one on the picture below.

chromoji icon screenshot

When you click the icon, you will find a set of emojis to choose from. Just copy the chosen image and paste it on Bing. Don’t be surprised if you see a square image upon pasting it on Bing search pane, but that’s really it is. Just press the search button to start your query.

Rabbit Emoji Search

source: venturebeat.files.wordpress.com

Results will be displayed after you’ve clicked the search button. As for the example above, ‘rabbit’ emoji was used. By the way, if in case you are having a hard time learning what each image represents, you can find help in emojipedia.

Benefit for Users

Unfortunately, many are not adept to emoji language and they often get their heads busted when they encounter a set of emjoi pictures sent by someone. Perhaps, this is the right to finally learn the language, and it’s through the help of Bing. Not only that the search becomes easier, Bing will also leg users up in fully understanding the emoji language.

We are in an internet world, where online marketing methods come and leave so fast. So to top it off with a little surprise, here are some questions to think about.

  • Does this make Bing more powerful than Google?
  • Are emojis really ideal for digital marketing?
  • What new set of optimization strategies will evolve with this new search trend?

Let the SEO provider handle these questions. It may take some time to understand emojis real capabilities in digital marketing, and for the experts to come up with good methods to utilize them in optimization, as well as driving traffic and boosting sales. Let’s keep an eye to what mystery unfolds using emojis as search terms.

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