The one drawback of sending plain emails is the trepidation you face after clicking send. Not knowing whether the receiver opened your email or simply chucked it into the virtual trash bin is a bit nerve-wracking — especially if said email contained important information. And that’s where the purpose of this Yesware review comes in.

The Problem

Not knowing whether our email campaigns made their way into every recipient’s inbox has always been a cause of slight worry. It didn’t occupy the forefront of our minds, of course, but it’s an annoying itch that niggles away at the back of your mind.

It’s the fact that after you hit send, you’re blind to what happens between sending the email and receiving a response — if you’re lucky. To rectify this problem, we resorted to accomplishing each task with the aid of tracking software. Through this entire process, we began using Yesware.

The Product

In Yesware’s official site, the browser extension is being marketed as your inbox superpower for several reasons:

Email Tracking

Image Credit: Yesware

This is the main function that drew us to try it out and actually begin using it. In blunt words, it lets you know what happens right after you click ‘send.’ The email tracking tools that come with the extension tells you who opens your messages, links, and attachments in real time.

Time Saving Tools

Image Credit: Yesware

Yesware gives you the option to send your message later. This came in especially handy for us when we were sending emails overseas — across different countries and different times and dates. The browser extension lets you delay sending the email depending on the time of your choosing.

Email Templates

Image Credit: Yesware

Yesware’s developers pride themselves in equipping the extension with a tool that lets the user create email templates. Every marketer knows the use of email templates in Gmail or Outlook. Creating templates mean less time to rewrite your most commonly used messages.

Meeting Scheduler

Image Credit: Yesware

This function is what we fondly call a slightly needed tool, but nevertheless, it comes in very handy. Yesware’s meeting scheduler lets us share custom links with times where each party is available to meet. Upon choosing a time, the browser extension automatically adds the meeting to both of yours’ calendars. It’s a handy tool for scheduling meetings.

Email Campaigns

Image Credit: Yesware

It’s a useful feature to have on Gmail: the ability to seamlessly host an email campaign and do follow-ups automatically. The tool also lets you create personalized campaigns that send on their own.

Our Yesware Review

So with all this pomp surrounding Yesware’s many tools and what it’s capable of doing to our inboxes, what are our overall thoughts on it?

We can easily label Yesware as a must for any prospecting team. Our reasons for trying out and using Yesware for the very first time was strongly linked to its email tracking feature. It’s what made it so attractive. The email tracking feature gave us the ability to know whether things are happening on the side of the potential client or not.

Yesware provides a great solution for email templates in that it’s easy to set up and use. It’s easy to use from the get-go, and efficiently schedules tasks and tracks what needs to be tracked.

We definitely appreciated the real-time notifications that told us if when one of our clients opened our emails or clicked on them. Because of that sole feature, it was much easier to think about the next step. It was easier to determine which kind of strategy should be implemented next.

Of course, there are some who don’t appreciate the fact that it’s a browser extension that you need to pay for. The trial period is great during the testing stage. But of course, an extension that grants this kind of email omnipotence would be preposterous if it was given away for free.

But, it would certainly be helpful if it were cheaper. Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop us from recommending Yesware to our fellow marketers. Though it has its fair share of pros and cons, few will argue about Yesware’s efficiency.

It truly is a great tool to have as you continue to engage in email marketing. And true to its word, it does grant your inbox superpowers.

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