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Discovering Twists, Something Unique, and the Wonders of Nature


Hi Guys!

dlinkers_team Welcome to the new featured posts of Dlinkers Team. This article was made out of our team’s collaboration. This post is about one of our side trips that we have accomplished for the month of February. It was actually a story about FOCUS and WILLINGNESS and how we can adapt what we learned from the SEO industry. These are actually our reflections about the trip and how we can use it at work. This trip happened last February 21, 2015. Although we were not complete because there were some members who had commitments during the weekends, we continued to make it happen. We scheduled our trip on a weekend because we always prioritize our clients during weekdays. FOCUS is the main keyword during weekdays or working days. During weekends, it is all about having “fun” and discovering the wonders of the earth. The chosen destination was the Province Antique (Pronunciation: /ɑːnˈtiːkə/) or (/ɑːnˈtiːk/). It is one of the six provinces in Western Visayas or Region VI, and one of the four provinces in the island of Panay. Its capital, San Jose, is located in the western portion of Panay Island and borders Aklan, Capiz and Iloilo to the east; whilst facing Sulu Sea to the west. It is actually subdivided into 18 municipalities, but we took our adventure to Bugasong, Tiabiao, and Culasi.

Why we chose Antique as the first destination for this year?

    • The main reason was we wanted to know the taste of one of their unique specialties: the “bukobatchoy” (this only implies that the Dlinkers Team LOVES food adventures!)


  • We also wanted also to experience “Kawa” thing



  • Explore and discover more about Panay Island



After those reasons, we decided to expand our discovery; which is why we did not go into just one place. From Bugasong, we went to Tiabiao then to Culasi.

Our Discoveries


On the way to Antique


These are the pictures of some of the members of the team when we have a stopover at San Joaquin; the driver actually said that, it is a preparation for a zigzag road going to Antique!

We started with a 6AM trip. We decided to take a Van from Molo terminal, which is located at M.H. del Pilar St, in Molo District, Iloilo City. From Molo, we have crossed lots of bridges, 5 municipalities of first District of Iloilo, and have seen lots of sceneries. After 3 hours of travel, At last it’s Antique! Our first stop was actually the main reason why we came there: the “bukobatchoy”! Why it is called bukobatchoy? (1)see the picture below, (2)it has buko (coconut meat) strips mixed with the noodles. buko batchoy e1425347310123

Presenting the “bukobatchoy” of Dan DanZoy (named actually as the home of it) found in Bugasong, Antique. We only paid Php45.00 for each serving.


What we found out?


    • It has a unique taste – but it’s truly delicious! The coconut meat actually was the reason for its exceptionally sweet flavor.


  • You can give a ‘twist’ to the simple or native batchoy



  • You can gain a unique experience when you are eating it since it is inside a buko (coconut shell)



  • Coconut has lots of uses.



  Our Next Stop: Tibiao Adventure. After the “buko-batchoy”, we proceeded to Tibiao. We reached the place after 30 minutes of travel. Tibiao was actually known for its fish spa, “kawa” hot bath, nature trekking at the Bugtongbato Falls, and eco-adventure. Our first stop actually was supposedly at the fish spa, but due to time constraints (and lots of visitors), we have decided to go to “Bugtong-bato” Falls. To reach our destination, we needed to ride a motorcycle or what they called as “habal-habal” going to the entrance of Brgy. Tuno, Tibiao. From there, we had to walk together with a local guide. It was an estimated 20-minute trek; but based on our calculations, we reached the falls after more than half an hour, because we had to traverse the lush forest of Brgy. Tuno. motorcycle_ride

The exciting motorcycle ride going to Brgy.Tuno!

Working in an SEO company, we typically just sit in front of our PC and focus working on the sites that we handled. So hiking the foot trail was definitely a different experience! It was a long walk but we didn’t mind. Especially when we saw the falls at the end of the trek – and at the same time LUNCH was ready (yes – another implication that we love food). One of our favorite moments during the entire experience? Whenever our web developer (who also serves as one of our photographers) would always ask at every stopover: “who’s the messiest?” to the falls e1425347224754

So, who do you think is the messiest?

trek_to_falls Meet the “Bugtong-Bato Falls”. After more than half an hour of walking, we reached the falls! It is actually a 7-tiered cascading falls, but average individuals can only climb up to three (3) cascades. Some of our team members actually reached the third cascade, while most of us preferred to stay at a comfortable second cascade. the_falls pinit fg en rect red 28

The cascading falls of Bugtong-bato

What we found out when we reached the falls:

  • At first, you will feel and think that it’s impossible – but when you are willing, you can make it
  • It’s OK to take it slow – as long as we get to our destination together
  • It’s fun to travel together than when you are alone
  • There are lots of things to discover about nature!


Relaxing Kawa Hot Bath. Following a tiring walk and a lot of climbing, we decided to relax through their popular “Kawa hot bath”. In a large vat or frying pan, which the natives used before for cooking muscovado or organic brown sugar, human body will now be cooked instead (just kidding!). That’s actually the twist: it’s now a used as a local Jacuzzi. Therapeutic leaves (known to relax muscles), locally known as Agdao were added to the hot bath. Some can actually have flowers or other organic ingredients, but we settled with the leaves for our aching body parts.


The “Kawa” Hot Bath!

What have we found out during this hot bath?


  • again, it is something unique
  • the large vat or frying pan can serve another purpose
  • it is truly relaxing (see the image on the left if you’re not convinced)
  • we discovered another wonder of nature: the purpose of the leaves


Fun fact: we would have stayed there for HOURS because we really loved its relaxing effect.


End of Tibiao Adventure. Going Home to Culasi. With the wonders of nature and lots of discoveries as well as unique experiences, we truly felt the essence of time. One cannot actually complete just one day of adventures in Tibiao. We actually missed the zip-line and the fish spa, because we overstayed inside the “kawa”! So we just decided to go to Culasi, where we were supposed to stay the night. It was just a 15-minute bus ride.

When we arrived at Angelo’s Beach Resort, we were greeted by another beauty of nature: a beautiful “sunset”.

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When night fell, we ate dinner and discovered more about our team through fun talks and many more. Several immediately went to sleep after dinner (the effect actually of the long walk). It was okay still because we needed to prepare for another trip the next day.

Where do you think we’d go next? One of our team members actually said that we needed to gain more energy and we had to prepare. It’s a first for most of us, actually. Although we know where we are headed to next, we don’t know what we would find out.

End of Chapter 1.

2 thoughts on “DLINKERS TEAM: Antique Reflections
  1. April Castillo

    I’m currently searching for a place to visit in the phil using my phone and luckily I have found this post, wow you nailed it, we’re excited to tour Antique because of your post. Goodluck and Godbless to your team.

    • Hey April! Thanks for out checking out our blog. We hope you discover Antique’s ‘treasures’ for yourself, too. Tell us how you find it! We’d be glad to hear what your adventure would be. Until then!

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