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Finding killer content ideas can be a bit exhausting. For the reason that you must look for that one topic that will bring both SEO and viral traffic to your website. Apart from the topic, some writers occasionally have writer’s block which prevents them from coming up with a great article that has best content ideas.

On Fire Popularity of Content Marketing to Every Business

Since content marketing is getting popular, it is important that marketers must produce a quality content and well-written article. According to Core DNA, there are two things that they are sure that could happen in content this 2018: “content marketing will become even more important and content creation and distribution will change radically.”

Basically, content marketing is everything when it comes to business. A lot of people are now using the internet to search for a good place to hang out or just a new shopping area. In a research made by Statista, “in 2017, 46.8 percent of the global population accessed the internet. This figure is projected to grow to 53.7 percent in 2021.”

Study Your Niche: Finding Best Content Ideas

When discovering the great content ideas, it does not matter if what niche your business is part of. With the presence of internet, anything is possible. If you are looking for best content ideas, there are a lot of review sites and forums where you can be acquainted with the likes of your target audience.

You may perceive that it’s not that hard, well, it’s not. However, coming up with an idea that could create a huge impact to your target is difficult. Before creating a relevant content that you can share to your target audience, you must first study and find your niche. If you find it hard, here are the ways you can find best content ideas:

  • Concentrate on your audience
  • Identify niche market keywords
  • Study the competition
  • Look for what is trending in your niche
  • Establish effective online visibility

Create Keyword Ideas: Utilize Research Tools

When it comes to finding contents that are mostly searched by everyone, you can depend on the different keywords research tools. For example, if you ever happened to use tool, you might skip this part. If you haven’t yet, pay some attention on this part of the article.

If you will going to search the word “shoes”, you can get 115 questions that is relevant to shoes. Once you zoom it in, you will find that the questions are divided (refer to the second photo). There is a bundle for where, how, what, will, can, which, why, when, are, and who that serve as your basis for the topic you will be searching.

You might wonder, if where on earth do they get the questions, the answer for that lies to the suggested words in google search bar. To make it more easier for you, for example, you use the words “shoes” and “can” which you can see on the web above. If you will press the arrow down on your keyboard, you will be going to see suggestions.

Apart from, there are still other keyword research tools you can use: Ubersuggest, Google keyword planner, and Ahrefs. You may ask, how can these three find the suggested keywords? Ubersuggest and Google keyword planner use what the answerthepublic uses while the Ahrefs uses the Clickstream data.

Never limit yourself in just using one keyword research tools to find the best content ideas. Aside from the four mentioned above, here are other instruments that help you create a relevant article for your target market:

  • IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator
  • Soovle
  • Wordtracker Scout
  • AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator
  • Keyword In
  • WordStream Free Keyword Tool
  • Google Correlate

Know What Your Competitors Do: Find Keywords They Use

If you are not curious about what your competitors are doing, you might doing your business wrong. It doesn’t matter if you have already outranked them. What important is you know  your business and you have an idea on what your competitors do to be able to outrank you. Here are the ways you will be able to know your competitors, according to Ahrefs:

Study your competitors

Having the idea who your competitors are is the first thing you need to do. How can you even study your competitors if you have no idea who they are, right? If you don’t know how, well, you can use Google. Enter the keyword you have searched in the answerthepublic earlier.  For example, we will use “can shoes be recycled.”

With the use of Google, paste the keyword then hit the search button. Similar to what you did in turning blog visitors to subscribers, look for the article who ranked better from the rest.

However, unlike to the recent article, you must go to the organic keywords. In which you can see the search queries in which the site you picked.

If you want to know the top pages in which the said website ranks better, you can click the top pages.

Find their best content

There are three tools you can use in finding best content ideas of your competitors, as stated in B Plans. First is SpyFu which is the tool that gives you insight about the AdWords your competitors are buying. Next is the Google Trends wherein it helps you to stay on top of trends. Lastly, Google Alerts which is a great tool to know who is talking about you.

Do better than them

If you think that you can do better than what they are doing, do it. In the online world, you must need to be creative. You must do things that are new to other people, not just to settle for what you think can generate traffic to your website. Focus on how you identify your best contents more than just searching the best content of your competitors.

Never Put a Limit: Search All Over the Internet

Once you will put a limit on your research, you might not get the best content ideas. The internet is wide for you to discover and settling in just one article might be a bit risky for you to do. You’ll never know the possibility. What if there are other keywords you can use yet you stopped on the first article? Here’s how you can do it, of course, with the help of Ahrefs.

Step #1: Use the content explorer tab. Enter the word “shoes”. You can have choices, whether you want to search it everywhere, in title or in content.

Step #2: As you notice, there was an almost half a million number of results.

Step #3: Go to the first article and click the details button to see the which keywords are giving traffics to the clicked article.

Step #4: Use the filters given to keep your search relevant and unique at the same time.

After knowing the different sources to know the best content ideas, it is now time for you to be list down the contents you’ve searched. If it is hard to search for the content, choosing the topic that you want to prioritize can be a bit complicated. However, to make it a bit easier for you, here are some of the ways you may want to follow.

  • Ask yourself if the content is highly relevant to your target audience. If you think it is, then you can put that topic on the top of your list. Relevance is the key. Your audience needs to find your article relatable to them.
  • Topic must not hold a generic topic. Keep the articles unique but still connected to your business. It might be the topic that you haven’t tackled in your blog yet or for better traffic results, no one has ever covered it yet.
  • Know the difference between urgent and important. Through this, you may be able to filter the topics more that can help you create the best content ideas that are shareable to your target audience.

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