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From the recent article, there were a lot of ways where you can find a good keyword for your article. Not just in keyword research but also to find quality content ideas with high business value. Internet is a huge place where you find it difficult to promote your content. You just need to also be connected with your audiences.

Importance of Creating Great Content

Knowing how to search for your keywords and promoting your article is a bit easier than content creation. How will you be going to deliver a topic that interests your readers? Below are some of the benefits you will get once you post great content.

  • You don’t need to share your article to community-based sites. All you just need is to wait for your readers to share it with you. Even if you won’t be submitting your article in Reddit, for example, you readers might send it there.
  • End task about asking friends or co-workers to post positive comments about your article. Through that article, you might end up getting positive reviews from your other readers.
  • Promotions can happen naturally. Just publish a great article. It can still get traffic even if there is a zero intervention from your marketing team.

Why you still need to be active?

Even if your article is going well, it is recommended that you must be active. Know the places where your target audience often go once they’re online. Starting creating a quality content that is worthy to be shared by anyone. It will be easier for you to track your article if you know those online communities.

Writing Content That People Will Share and Read

If your article has great content, you don’t need to ensure that it is well-promoted. However, if it is badly written, even if it will be promoted, you will still find it hard to sell it to your target audience. BUT, you don’t just create great content you need to think and go beyond that. Here are the factors you need to have in order to have a better content:


You must not be afraid of not having a skill in the field of writing. Why? Since it is a skill, you can still have the time to learn and master it in no time. From being just a rookie, you end up being a guru. Apart from your skills, you must pay attention to how would your article look visually.  Listed below are the things you do to make your content visually appealing.

  • Strive for shorter sentences
  • Organize the list
  • Make use of sub-headers
  • Include visual imagery
  • Experiment text styles for emphasis
  • Improve readability
  • Relevance of image used


Writing the second rate version of the popular article can be risky. If the author would find out that the article was the one you used as your outline, you might get called out for that. If they are bigger than you, you might end up having a bad reputation. Which is not good for your business.

As a writer, how can you come up with a different content? It must be something that hasn’t been told by anyone. Create a thorough research about what you want to cover. Your topic might branch out into a better and much precise topic you need to dig deeper. Lastly, find an easier way you can discuss the topic.


Be the most qualified person that can talk about the article. For example, if you will write about medicine in your fashion blog, people might not go after your article. Not because health is trending right now, you will start writing about it on your blog. Aside from losing authority, you might also lose credibility, in some ways.

If you think that you are not an authority in covering such topic, there is still a tip for that. You are free to interview the more capable person. Act as if you are a journalist. Email a letter to the person you want to interview. Once they agree with you, you can send questionnaires to them. You can even schedule an interview with them over a cup of coffee.

Vitality of Writing Unique Content

According to Priceonomics, “authentic information that your company has access to is the currency of truly valuable content marketing”. You don’t just write because of the number of shares you need but of how you can give the readers a share-worthy article. Never write about a topic you are not about such as gossips or rumors.

Thinking that you don’t know anyone is the oldest excuse. Of course, you don’t but you can. With the presence of internet, you may be able to look for data. Almost everything can be accessible because of the searching tools online. Once you know the email address or social media account of your interviewee, reach out to them to complete your data.

Unique, Fresh, and Quality Wise

If you are writing, focus on what your readers want to know, not the other way around. You must keep in mind the things you want to provide for your audience that will help you connect with them. Put yourself in the shoes of your target buyers. What are the things you want to share that not everyone knows about? You can work on that to be able to drive not just traffic to your website but engagements from your audience.

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