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A survey from iAcquire reported that 70% of mobile searches would likely to lead to an action within an hour. This is a strong indication that if your website is mobile-friendly, you can get higher chances of conversions.

However, creating a mobile-friendly website involve a lot of factors, it is not enough that you just make a mobile website and voila! You are done.

Along with other technical elements, you mobile contents are an important driving factor for conversion.

But how can you create mobile contents that attract the audience and convert them into leads? Well, it is not easy but it is not that complicated as well.

Creating mobile contents is far more different from desktop. Let’s take a look at some ways you can make mobile contents that converts.

Get To The Point Early

Unlike in desktop, it could be difficult to read longer contents in mobile because of limited screen space. So as much as possible, make your point clear from the start of your content.

Follow the “snack, bite, meal approach”. This is the kind of content approach similar to an inverted pyramid approach.

Starting from your headline, you should make your topic obvious. This should give the readers expectations on what they are about to read.

You also need to include a brief introduction and/or conclusion to sum up your content. This gives your visitors a glimpse of what is included in your content even if they haven’t read it yet.

Then, last but definitely not the least is your content body. It is where you talk about other details which support your idea and your message.

Mobile readers are not the type of who will likely to read every word in your content. With this kind of approach, you are capturing their interest early. Thus, it will likely to encourage them to read your whole content.

The Shorter, The Better

Again, with very limited screen space, traditional contents might seem crowded in mobile. This can discourage consumers from consuming contents on your website.

If you want your content to be something that mobile users would want to read, make it look good by using shorter paragraphs and sentences.

Ideally, in mobile contents, each paragraph should only contain 1-3 sentences to make it appealing to the eye of your readers.

Use Your Image Wisely

Images can make your mobile website look good. But too much can affect your website performance. So make sure to use your image wisely.

You can use images within your content for as long as they are necessary and they support your contents. Likewise, these images can also be used to chunk ideas for easy reading.

But when it is too large, it can slow down your page loading time. This may lead to high bounce rates.

Ideally, images should only be less than 100kb.  If it’s higher than that, it could already affect your mobile website speed.

Make Your CTA Clear

Your call-to-action button is a part of your content. After you have built the awareness of the customers and you have provided them with good reasons to trust you, you need to take the opportunity to drive them down the sales funnel.


That’s where your CTA becomes handy. However, if you visitors are struggling to find your CTA or your CTA is too small that instead of clicking on it, they end up clicking somewhere else, you might be losing that opportunity.

Here are some ways you can create a mobile-friendly CTA.

Consider the Thumb Zone

Out thumb is the busiest finger when using our smartphone. You need to place your CTA in an area where it the thumb can easily reach and click on it.

Keep It Simple

You already have delivered your message through your main content. You don’t need a lot of words in your CTA. So keep it short and clear.

No matter how great your content is, you cannot successfully increase conversions if you don’t have a clear CTA to support your content. So make sure your CTA is clear and compelling to attract your readers.

It’s All About User’s Behavior

User’s behavior can change based on the devices they used. A user who is willing to read a 3000-word article in a desktop can be discouraged in reading the same content in mobile just because it does not look good on mobile.

That is why it is very important to create contents with mobile users in mind.

If you want to take advantage of mobile traffic and convert them into leads, leverage your contents by thinking about your mobile users. What do they want, how do they want to serve?

The tips mentioned above are created with mobile users in mind. Put them into practice and hopefully, we can help with your content marketing efforts. Good luck!

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