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There are two types of people in this world: those who enjoy randomly browsing on their social media feeds, and those who like to discover stuff in one neat, organized bunch. We belong to the latter. It’s always satisfying when we can group related ideas into one clean file. It saves us time, it looks great, and other people can easily find and share our content. It’s a win-win!

Google seemed to notice this because it recently launched a new feature, aptly called Collections. In their official post, the aim of Collections is to ‘connect similar interests and passions’. To be honest, we couldn’t agree more!

Introducing Google+ Collections

We couldn’t help but see an uncanny similarity between this new feature and social media giant Pinterest. If you love to Pin as much as we do, you will see the semblance. Just like boards, you can post content into a Collection, and make as many as you want. Say you have several posts on your Google+ profile that pertain to SEO, social media, and web design. You can make a Collection for each to beautifully organize all your amazing content.


It’s very easy to setup. On your desktop, simply login to your Google+ profile where you will see a new Tab for Collections. Click on CREATE and you will be prompted for a name and who you want to share the Collection with.


Important note: once you set this to Public, Circles, Custom, or Private, there’s no going back! So you better think this through. Otherwise, you might end up deleting your whole Collection. You can only EDIT its name and whether or not you want to share your Collection with your circles.


Next, CUSTOMIZE your Collection with colorful hues and stunning photos. Choose from Google’s gallery or upload your own.


The last step is to return to your profile and start going over your posts. Now you can SORT them into the different Collections you made.


Afterwards, don’t forget to SHARE your Collection to friends and family! Simply copy the single URL and paste to your favorite social media profiles. See how quick and easy it is? If you’re not sure where to start, just coordinate with your social media manager to get practical tips.

Google+ Collections Uses for Business

This new feature not only makes it effortless to organize and search for things you love, you can also leverage it for your business. Social Media Examiner has a great article on how to use Google+ Collections for your brand. Instead of simply arranging promotional posts, you can also create Collections based on popular memes, DIY tips, tutorials, quizzes, and other interesting content for your customers.

As we were making ours, we discovered a few tips on how to make your Collections stand out even more:

  • Pick unique and even witty names for your Collections
  • Upload your own photos as header (with the ideal dimensions of 1080 x 607 pixels), preferably with a social media handle or your domain name visible
  • Use psychology as your basis for choosing color schemes (i.e. blue for a relaxing effect, red for passion, and green for living)


Google+ definitely outdid themselves with this one. As Collections is relatively new, we are excited to see even cooler additions and tweaks as days or months roll by. This service is also available on Android devices, with an iOS version to come out soon. Just make sure to update your Google+ app if you haven’t yet to begin enjoying Collections.


Did you create your own Collections yet? Share them with us in the comments below OR follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+!

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