A Closer Look at Holistic SEO
Search engine optimization has changed drastically in the last few years. Companies who were able to keep up with constant updates are stronger than ever; while those who had been using deceitful methods have disappeared from search results. Now, a better, more comprehensive SEO approach is slowly taking the spotlight. This is NOT just link-building, folks.

[icon name=”icon-search” size=”medium” color=”” float=”left”] What is holistic search engine optimization?

If you take a look at any dictionary, ‘holistic’ means ‘relating to a whole or an entire system and not just individual parts’. Synonyms include: integrated, universal, full…the list goes on. So when we talk about holistic SEO, it should have everything: link-building, social media, and content marketing. Gone are the days when agencies would specialize in only a single aspect of optimization. These days, it’s about combining proven techniques to deliver maximum outcome.

Holistic SEO serves BOTH search engines and users – but with MORE emphasis on users.

This makes it more difficult because these two have totally different standards for what they deem to be ‘useful’ or ‘important’. Search engines for example, value links (URLs). Users on the other hand, are more into content (images, text, videos). Good thing Google has figured this out and has been updating its algorithm to be more ‘human’.

[icon name=”icon-info” size=”medium” color=”” float=”left”] Holistic Link-Building

Each SEO agency has its own set of link-building strategies – but all of them would have the same aim: to get authoritative links pointing back to the client website. The holistic or integrated approach doesn’t just focus on quantity, but more on quality. This means researching for relevant as well as influential resources, simplifying URLs, fixing broken, dead, or orphaned pages, and targeting the market who will most benefit from the client’s product/services.

[icon name=”icon-comment-alt” size=”medium” color=”” float=”left”] Holistic Social Media Campaigns

Social media now plays a crucial role in SEO. Unlike previous years when it was enough to generate buzz by getting the most Followers or Fans; today requires social media marketers to emphasize on building valuable relationships. They must reply to comments, interact in forums, and share helpful knowledge or tidbits. If links help a company’s website rank in search engines, social media solidifies their brand by engaging audiences and keeping them updated.

[icon name=”icon-edit” size=”medium” color=”” float=”left”] Holistic Content Marketing

Now more than ever is the focus the strongest on content. This comes in all shapes and sizes: from text, photos, videos, to podcasts. Although keywords are still relevant, Google wants to put the average user’s queries first. This means less keyword dependence, and more on ‘close variants’ such as synonyms, plurals, etc. as well as long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords can actually reach a wider range of audiences because they are more specific. Plus, they are closely related to a page’s real content than traditional keywords.

[icon name=”icon-thumbs-up” size=”medium” color=”” float=”left”] SEO To A Better Web

The modern objective of SEO is no longer just to increase a website’s ranking; but rather, to also improve a user’s online experience and make the Web a better, friendlier place. Imagine a future when you can instantly get the most applicable answer to your searches in just a few seconds. No more spam, no more duplicate content, and no more unrelated results.

Working in a holistic SEO an truly be technical and we have SEO Expert that you can count on. They will directly tell you what your website needs and how you can achieve this holistic SEO.

That, would be Web-tastic!

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