During the festive season, people are ready to go shopping and anticipate pleasant Christmas stuff…

Some people plan the holiday menu in advance, others make gifts lists for themselves and their loved ones. All of them are looking for great offers and tips. According to statistics, 68% of online users open retailers’ letters during holidays more often than in any other period.

That is why marketers are making remarkable efforts to fill email campaigns with the festive spirit, to make content useful, and letters profitable. And, importantly, various icons, fonts or illustrations influence people differently. For example, a bad font can make us disgruntled, while a good one can make us feel fine.

As Venture Harbour states, our preference for certain fonts and colors is partly due to our socialization and partly due to objective readability. In its turn, Adpushup claims that larger font is more readable. On the web, the optimal size for an email is 15–25 pixels.

When looking for ideal icons, fonts, and illustrations, you tend to spend a lot of time on them.

Thus, if you have already started preparing for the holiday, let me help you with this as I share different Christmas assets for your email that may be useful to you.


You can use these Christmas pictures to design any of your projects related to the Holidays — including cards, articles, presentations, greetings, wall newspapers and so on. In general, icons are probably the easiest and most unobtrusive way to add a bit of a festive mood to an email. Honestly, I can’t cope to send a single message without icons!

This first set contains 70 Christmas & winter icons in both SVG and PNG formats. Bright and attractive, all these icons are worth to be seen.

Here we have beautiful free Christmas vectors collection. The design is simple and stylish — just perfect.

The next Christmas icon set is minimalistic and will suit any festive mail conversation. Clear lines and all recognizable objects. You will love this set at first sight!

Such lovely Christmas vectors set, agree? Every element is designed in detail. All colors are pleasant to the eyes. Besides that, it is free to download.

Though this set of Christmas icons isn’t numerous, every element of this 10 icons is carefully made. These Christmas icons can very organically fit into your email, giving it a festive look.

This set of 15 Christmas icons is a representative of flat icons – design trend, which has not remained unnoticed. Each icon is a work of art, worked out to the smallest detail and made with soul – what could be better!


In order for your newsletter to be effective, it is important to create a message that will interest the subscriber at a glance.

However, is it really so easy to draw attention to your email among thousands of other emails? No!

But don’t worry: everything is not so difficult… The secret is pretty simple.

If you believe that the main task of the holiday campaign is selling, then you are deeply mistaken. Its main goal is to lighten the mood of the subscribers, ingratiate yourself to them. And only after that, they will want to buy exactly your product or service.

If you want to convey the mood in a letter and beautifully present your product, then one of the important design elements for mailings are illustrations.

With this amazing New Year’s collection of PNG Watercolor Set, you will forget about a holiday headache called “how to decorate my festive mailing”. Beautiful frames, borders, and patterns. The set includes 80+ files.

This is Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Illustrations set I like the most. You just take a look at this sleeping bear or smiling birch! Your subscribers will be totally delighted!

Reindeers are fairly considered to be Christmas messengers and best Santa’s helpers. That’s why choosing this Christmas Collection PNG Watercolor Design Set is a good deal. Contains 72 files including frames, borders, and patterns.

This is a lovely Christmas background with flat design. If you want to create a postcard in the Christmas spirit, this free illustration is ideal.

Here we have a lovely Christmas Time PNG Watercolor Set. This is really a good choice if you want to create a warm, festive atmosphere in your email. It offers 80 files of high resolution.

Can you just imagine? 100 hundred patterns in one Christmas JPG Watercolor Set! With this bundle, you will forever forget about unoriginality and monotony.

What color is associated with Christmas, in your opinion? I bet you’ve thought about red! That’s why this Christmas Winter Holiday PNG Watercolor Set will help you to stand out from a bunch of other emails. Don’t be afraid of brightness.

I can say with confidence that this is a worthy set. These Christmas Watercolor PNG Illustrations include all the symbols of Christmas and New Year. You will get 75 files suitable for mailing, greeting cards, posters and more.


One look at these letters will be enough to understand what holiday they are devoted to…

Snowcaps, Christmas trees, toys, and gifts are presented here in the widest range. However, don’t overdo. Excess doesn’t mean good. Golden mean is what you need.

For example, look at this beautiful Seren Script.

Ideal spacing between letters, eye-catching curves. Causes a sense of beauty and lightness. And also facilitates the perception of information. Two script fonts included. Here we have White Christmas font.

It is great for emphasizing the exclusivity of a product or service. Such a font causes a feeling of trust and gives greater reliability of the information. And one more free holiday font called Kingthings Christmas.

If you want to add some magic to your email, this font is exactly what you need. It is really good for drawing attention. If you’re interested – just follow the link above. Our next font is The Restless Youth.

Such an original and universal font. Combining it with the appropriate entourage, for example, Christmas textures, you can get the appropriate mood.

This bundle includes 5 free attractive Christmas fonts! Don’t even think – follow the link, download and enjoy them.

If we talk about the purpose, then the next winter font will be useful not only for mailing but also when creating cards, invitations, posters, and thematic illustrations.

One Starry Night will definitely stand out, especially in combination with the right color solution.

Christmas Assets for Your Email: Last Tips

  • Size matters. Place logical emphasis where necessary.
  • Use fonts that are relevant to the tone of the conversation that you want to establish with your target audience.
  • Color in the text can convey a subliminal message.
  • Make sure the background and text are contrasty. Ideal solution: dark text – light background.
  • You can apply color to draw attention to a specific piece of text.
  • Avoid frequent color changes. It tires and reduces attention.
  • The text is useless if it is unreadable – help the reader by the logical formatting of the content.

Final Words

The hottest business season is the time before holidays: people prepare the house for the holiday and look for gifts. Your task is to “catch” them at the right moment. A well-designed email will help you with this.

Let people feel warmth and comfort from your letter. This will make them understand for sure that they are important. So don’t forget to bookmark this article – it will be definitely useful for you.

About Lana Miro:

Lana Miro — from My Template Storage— falls in love with beautiful web design. She likes to share her experience and explore something interesting in UX&UI design, affiliate marketing, eCommerce trends etc.

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