As the saying goes, “The only constant in the world is change”. People change as they grow up. Their tastes change, their lifestyle, their way of thinking. Although not abrupt, the change is slow but sure. Therefore, due to those reasons, people yearn for new things. That is why in business, trends come and go based on what the majority of people are taking an interest in.

Additionally, technology, the internet, and Google are constantly changing and updating. What you were using on your website doesn’t work well with the updates. Or that some of your elements are not supported by the current browsers anymore.

There are plenty more of reasons why your site needs a redesign aside from people wanting something new. Here are the signs you should watch out for that may tell you it is high time for you to redesign your website.

Your web design is outdated

One of the factors that affect if your website is satisfactory with the people or not is trends. As mentioned before, there is nothing constant in the world except for change. Trends are always changing but it attracts a lot of people to those businesses who follow it. If your site is outdated, then don’t be surprised when people hitting the “exit” button a little too often.

Page load is taking too long

Page load speed is becoming more and more important nowadays. Even if your site is at the same page speed as it was when you first made it, people might perceive it slow compared to other sites. There are plenty of sites that are improving their loading page by redesigning and optimizing their web elements. Moreover, according to Kissmetrics, 47% of internet users, especially mobile internet users expect websites to load after 2 seconds or less.

Your site experiences high bounce rate

Bear in mind that people allow 0.05 seconds to make an impression on your website before they decide whether to stay or leave. Poor web design can lead to high bounce rate. Bounce rate is the percentage of how many people visited on your page but exits after viewing one page. With the use of Google Analytics, you will be able to monitor how many visitors entered and exit right after. A good website has a bounce rate of  40% or lower.

Your website looks shady

If you are experiencing low visitors and a less than positive feedback about your website, you better check from a customer’s point-of-view if your site is trustworthy. Does it look professional? Do the color scheme reflect the personality of your brand? Make sure that it doesn’t look shady for visitors. This can seriously affect not only your CTR or click-through-rate, but

Incomplete loading of elements

Since Google and other search engines keep on updating, there are probably new features there that can affect your web design. It could possibly be unable to load certain elements in your webpage that can display errors to the user. Images, logos, and other navigation menus can become a challenge to the user’s experience in navigating your site which can cause them to leave.

The competition is doing it

Your competition is also doing it. As a matter of fact, everyone who wanted to succeed and aim for the top is redesigning and updating their website in order to keep up with the competition. One of the factors that contribute to success is adaptability. If you don’t adapt, not only you will be left out but you will also lose the battle in competing for customers and sales.

It is not mobile-friendly

With the imminent coming of Mobile-First Indexing, web design that is mobile-friendly is more important than ever. Without redesigning your website, it will be hard for your users to navigate through your site via mobile. Mobile internet users are growing more and more each year. Recently, it is recorded that mobile internet users account for 52.64% of the population worldwide. That’s a lot of potential customers to miss.

Your website is not ranking

Web design contributes more than just making your website look pleasant. The pleasing aesthetic attracts customers while good navigation and mobile-friendliness improve the user experience. These factors contribute to your rank with regards to bounce rate and dwell time. Higher rank means higher chances of customers to visit you. That also increases your chances of conversion.

Your site is difficult to understand

Even though that your website makes sense to you and you have no trouble navigating it, remember that the website is not for you. It’s for business. And your business is for the people. If your website makes it hard for people to know what they will be doing, you will have a hard time earning rank and sales. Make sure that the color scheme doesn’t clash or that your font and texts are readable and easy to the eyes with lots of white space.

Your website runs on simple page builder

Simple web page builders are good for simple and small businesses. However, if you wanted to compete in the big leagues, these page builders won’t cut it. The website that you will be making is limited. Design, navigation, and SEO functionality are restricted. While these builders are okay, you won’t be able to maximize your chances of ranking up high and making the most out of your web design.

What to do Next?

Redesigning your website isn’t just there to make your website pretty. It also shows that you are keeping up with the world’s trend. This can be another way for you to show that you are active in the online business.

Therefore, when you spot these signs, it is best that you prepare for a redesign.

However, bear in mind that redesigning your website isn’t just changing a few colors or rearranging a button or menu. Like a brick and mortar establishment, your website represents your brand and business in the online world. If you are not happy that your website doesn’t deliver the results that you wanted, you might need some help with web redesigning.

Watch out for the next post about the best practices on how to do a website redesign.

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