Dlinkers and Unlideals Teams Conquers Cebu

In an earlier post, we shared with you the first half of our Cebu-Bohol escapade. Now, follow the DLinkers and Unlideals teams as they roam the wonders of the Queen City of the South, Cebu.

Cebu is considered Visayas’ own version (or an alternative) of Manila, but it isn’t just all about skyscrapers. You’ll need about two days to explore it thoroughly and still have time to dilly dally. As a matter of fact, most tourists choose Cebu as their entry point or introduction to the Philippines, more often than not because of the beautiful beaches and its close proximity to Bohol.


Day 2.5: The Queen City at Night

Upon arriving at our hotel, Allson’s Inn, we took some time to unwind, settle down and eat dinner. Since we still had time to spare, decided to test our wits – and unleash our adrenaline – at Crown Regency Hotel’s Sky Experience Adventure.

Sky Walk gave us all a natural high as we walked around the edge of the building, with harnesses, of course. The Edge Coaster was a more nerve-wracking ride since we had complete freedom of tilting our seats up to 55 degrees from the 38th floor. We got to view Cebu city’s Friday night lights, in two different unconventional ways – bird’s eye view, too!

Needless to say, team Unlideals and Dlinkers went to bed in high spirits that night.

Dlinkers and Unlideals Teams Cebu


Day Three: DLinkers and Unlideals Teams Cebu City Tour

Our daytime tour of Cebu consisted of visits to the city’s historical tourist destinations. Basilica del Santo Nino, Magellan’s Cross and Fort San Pedro were just within walking distance of each other. Magellan’s Cross, the most famous tourist attraction in Cebu, was just a few meters away from the Basilica. One should never leave the Queen City without visiting this iconic attraction.

Then, we lined up to pay our respects to the oldest image of the Santo Nino (the Child Jesus).  Team Unlideals and Dlinkers also took a quick peek of Fort San Pedro, the smallest yet oldest fort in the Philippines.

Dlinkers and Unlideals Teams Cebu

For a less hectic, yet still sacred break in our journey, we made a stop at the oriental-style Taoist Temple. There wasn’t much to see, but we enjoyed the peace, slight meditation and throwing coins into the wishing well. The climb up was a test of faith – and footwork – since it takes about a hundred steps to reach the top.

Temple of Leah, one of the newer attractions at Cebu, was built by Teodorico Adarna for his departed wife, Leah. Locals commonly refer to it as the temple built for the grandma of Ellen Adarna, a famous actress. Lucky for us, we visited at a time when there weren’t plenty of crowds, so we had plenty of Instagram-worthy shots at this marble marvel.

It felt like stepping into Zeus or Hercules’ lair!

Dlinkers and Unlideals Teams Cebu

Busay-Sirao Flower Farm, also known as “Little Amsterdam” felt just a little bit like Europe indeed as the air was much colder. There’s no need to fly to another continent for this picturesque view when you’ve got 8,000 square meters of celosia flowers right here in the Visayas. They’ve also got other flora like dahlias and sunflowers, but this fuzzy flower is what’s been grabbing the attention on social media posts. Peak seasons last from April-May and October-November; the flowers were in full bloom for the Dlinkers and Unlideals teams!

We made a pit stop at Taboan Market to buy pasalubong, most of which included dried mangoes (which is a mandatory must-buy), chicharon, otap and dried fish. The local non-branded products tasted just as sumptuous.  Since we had some extra time, team Unlideals and Dlinkers also took a quick side trip to SM City Seaside before heading to the port.

Dlinkers and Unlideals Teams Cebu

The best part about Cebu’s attractions is that if it wasn’t one-of-a-kind, there was always something interesting or historically significant about them. Keep in mind that the most convenient way to get around is by private vehicle. You can also opt to hail cabs to get from point A to point B, but it’s not guaranteed that taxis will be available 24/7, especially during peak times.

Dlinkers and Unlideals Teams Cebu

*DLinkers Team Tip: To say that the Port made us feel like we we’re stuffed in can of sardines is an understatement. Avoid booking the last scheduled trip, especially if you’re traveling by sea. It just so happened that our trip landed on a Saturday, on All Soul’s Day eve too, a widely commemorated national holiday. Literally everyone was traveling back to their hometowns with us.

If your budget permits, opt to travel by air for a more convenient journey.  Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines and Air Asia offer plenty of “piso” fares and seat sales. Keep their sites bookmarked on your search engines!

Excited for our next trip? Wait to see where Dlinkers and Unlideals teams’ next adventure will be!


“The most important reason for going from one place to another is to see what’s in between, and they took great pleasure in doing just that.” ― Norton Juster


*Special thanks to our guide, Kuya Jego and Justin Ramas (of Cebu Lechon King). Dlinkers  and Unlideals would also like to extend our thanks to Allson’s Inn for the accommodations.

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