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Capitalizing In Mobile Connectivity For Small Business Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has long been one of the most effective marketing approaches for business. Who wouldn’t when customers are obviously shifting from desktop to mobile?

A survey revealed that in Canada, 62% of the digital minutes are spent in mobile. Arguably, this is a clear indication that there mobile marketing could bring promising growth for businesses.

However, it is not as easy as it may seem. While many marketers have already embraced mobile marketing as an integral part of any business, not everyone has been successful in their marketing strategies.

In fact, it was reported that 2016 a more than 70% of ads from mobile failed to create a positive impact on customers.
If you don’t want to be a part of this number, here are some things that may help you plan out an effective mobile marketing campaign.

Understanding the Mobile User’s Behavior

Before anything else, you need to understand first that user’s behavior may change depending on the device used.
For instance, a desktop visitor may ignore the ads on your blog while consuming your content. But the same visitor would likely to abandon your mobile website because he feels distracted by the same ads.
This is why it is very critical that you understand your mobile user’s behavior before you start your mobile marketing.
Here are some unique mobile behaviors you should know.

Mobile users use more search queries. Mobile searchers use “assistance” search queries more. “Assistance” search queries are queries the can indicate that the searcher is looking for assistance in completing tasks. In context, these are search queries that answer the what, when, where, why and how of a particular topic.

For example, when a consumer would like to know the steps in baking cookies, he may likely to turn to his smartphone and search “how to bake cookies”.

Most mobile searchers are location based. Geo-modified queries are also more prevalent in mobile. These are queries that use location-based queries like “Best Chinese restaurant in New York”.

How Can You Capitalize?

Mobile searchers behavior is more focused. It means that when they use their smartphone to search, they want concrete and direct answers.

Conduct keyword research to identify competitive keywords and other semantic keywords which answers the common search queries of the mobile searchers. Then try to work on these keywords when optimizing your website.

This way, your website will be on top of SERP when a user searches for answers to his questions on the web.

Knowing The Right Timing

As mobile use becomes more prevalent, reaching out to people has never been better to business. Push notifications and mobile ads are among the many marketing tactics you can use to reach your audience.

But the bigger question is, Is it enough that you can reach your audience? How you can influence them after reaching them if more important than ever.

Just because you can now deliver your content efficiently to target people doesn’t mean you can send it out at most any time. Influencing your consumers lies in the ability of a business to deploy the right message at the right time.

What Does It Mean For Your Business?

This means that social listening, great content and the right use of mobile as a medium is the ideal combination in influencing consumer’s behavior.

Let’s start with social listening. Social listening is a crucial factor in content creation. This will allow you to gauge the needs and the current emotions of your target people. Listen to what they say on Facebook. Take note of what they are tweeting about. Gather as much information as you can to figure out what they need.

Once you have identified their needs, give them the resolution through great content. Put it on your website, blog, social media channels or create a video. It doesn’t matter for as long as you create it with mobile users in mind and for as long as you make your message clear to your customers.

Lastly, spread the word. Luckily, you can take advantage of technological innovations to help you deliver your content to your target audience at the right time. The use of AI in Facebook and Google can help you target a specific group of people at the particular time.

Likewise, you may use augmented technology to create a great user experience. For example, a simple flyer for your product launching when viewed using AR mobile app creates a 3D moving image of your product.

Mobile Opens Up New Opportunities

Whether we like it or not mobile usage will continue to grow. Whether it may be for searching, social, gaming or other, mobile usage will dominate consumer’s overall digital minutes.

For marketer and business owners, it is not something to worry about. It is another open window of opportunity. Mobile is the new way of doing business, and it is one of the best ways to reach potential customers.

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, you need to prepare your business for this shift. Having a deeper understanding of the consumers’ behavior and keeping up with the marketing changes is the cornerstone of effective mobile marketing.

So when strategizing your mobile campaign, try to incorporate the tips above in creating your roadmap. Once you finally achieve a clear perspective, put your plan into action. And sooner or later, you’ll enjoy reaping the fruit of your mobile marketing efforts.

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