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In the past, TV viewing was exclusively a relationship between the viewer and the show. Now, when meaningful moments happen on TV, viewers use their phones, tablets, and computers to share their reactions and opinions through social media.

The same goes for reviewing websites and brand ads. Online consumers reviews, reactions, and recommendations are the most trusted source of brand information.

So it means that brand ambassadors are another marketing channel that adds personality to brands.

Brand ambassadors are your target market. Follow the tactics to below to turn every visitor into a brand ambassador.


Analyze the behavior of your site visitors. When a visitor browses your website, he or she will pay attention to the content, design, ease of navigation, visual appeal, and other details.

Then, he or she will behave according to the impression your website gives him or her. Through analyzing your user’s behavior, you will know what to improve or change.

Analyze user flows

User flow or user journey is the path a user follow when navigating a website interface to complete a task.

Collect each data on every step your user takes to evaluate their flow.

Determine how your users discover your site. Use Google Analytics to study the sources (entry points) of traffic and connect them with your analysis of user flow to get hints about what users are trying to do.

The following are the most common sources of traffics.

  • Organic search – users turn Google to search for a particular keyword and often clicks on one of your deep links.
  • Social media – users follow a friend’s post link on Facebook or Twitter or other channels like Reddit.
  • Email– users follow a link from an email newsletter or automated email from your site.
  • Paid advertisement – users follow a PPC advertising link like AdWords.
  • Referrals – users follow a link from another blog post or site.
  • Direct entry – users who are regular visitors memorize your site’s URL.

Them, check the instances users get what they want on your site. See where the user flow begins and ends. Keep in mind that this will depend on what users want to do on your site.

Ask these questions when analyzing user flows:

  • What do users try to do on your site?
  • Who are your visitors? Classify them and identify your initial target audience, then consider the ones who unexpectedly visited your site.
  • What information do users need to finish their task?
  • What are the users’ reasons for stopping or hesitating in completing their tasks?


After analyzing your current users’ flows their needs, you need to build authority in your industry to drive more traffic to your site.

  1. Aim for a higher search engine ranking through optimizing your on-page SEO. Format your website content so search engines can easily understand your site and distinguish your authority in the industry.
  2. Create a lead targeted traffic by enhancing and adapting your content to social media, blogging, and press releases. Attract visitors across all social and PR channels with your high-quality content and authority on the subject.
  3. Persuade users to come back to your site or brand every day by giving them promotions and meaningful moments. At the same time, implement and promote real customer reviews so new visitors will see your integrity.

Aside from these, regularly give your users incentives so they would keep buying or using your brand.


To place your brand at the top of the most valuable in the industry, improve user experience and develop an intuitive customer interaction.

First, make effective call-to-action (CTA) buttons and pages, website forms, and live chat services. Users are smarter now so use psychology or appeal to their emotions and needs when building your CTAs.

Website forms are one of the most vital types of onsite interactions that often complete user flows or journeys. Use practical techniques to produce efficient forms.

Or you can use a CTA button to prompt a live chat like this:

Then, you can engage users by promoting your brand’s value to them and their lives. Send them newsletters, customized messages, and optimize your site so your users will have worthy experiences.

Finally, offer users freebies, downloads, giveaways, demos, new promos both onsite and on social media channels.

Consistency and integrity are the keys to engaging your users. Once they see that your brand is true to its purpose and quality, visitors won’t go anywhere else. Thus, turning them into brand ambassadors.


Through marketing automation, wise and efficient marketing can lead to conversions.

Marketing automation is a software or tactics that help companies to nurture prospects with personalized and useful content that can turn prospects into customers and turn customers into happy brand ambassadors.

Find what marketing automation suits your brand. Track your sales and target leads that you think can help you produce a better Return on Investment (ROI).


Your users will become brand ambassadors through digital marketing. Users, especially the millennials always share the products that they love to everyone they meet or engage with on social channels.

Help them to be inspired and inspire others to keep on using and sharing your brand by:

  • Constantly nurturing users needs (always observe user flows, improve product quality, value, and content)
  • Give loyalty rewards and benefits to motivate your brand ambassadors and other prospects.
  • Use customer reviews to show your expertise and reputation in the industry. At the same time, gain the trust of potential customers.
  • Share, share, share! Inspire your ambassadors to keep sharing your brand through referral programs, contests, and promotions.

Overall, this is the flow:

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