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Have you ever seen articles about skin tips but only features one brand of a beauty product? If your answer is yes, then it will be easier for you to know the reason behind blogger outreach. However, it could also be possible that those bloggers really use the exact brand on the daily basis ever since before.

According to Marketing Land, “the idea behind a blogger outreach campaign is that a company, in seeking exposure for a product or service, leverages influencers who have established a substantial following, asking them to write about it in exchange for free access to the product or service.”

Are you doing your blogger outreach the right way?

Before you delve into blogger outreach, the first thing you need to know is the misconceptions about outreach. It is important that you must be aware of the things you thought you know. Due to the reason that you might end up doing the blogger outreach wrong all the time. According to Ahrefs, here are the things that most of the people often get wrong.

  • If the people were able to respond in your email even if it only opened your email, your outreach didn’t failed. After all, as stated in the previous article, audience and engagement rate is still the real duo.
  • There is a huge difference between reaching out to your target buyers and sending spam. Outreach has a limit while spam doesn’t have.
  • Just because you did a great job in blogger outreach you will sit there and let your sales come to you. No, it’s not how it should be.

Blogger outreach is crucial for your SEO campaign. It is not only about promoting your product but it’s also about building natural backlinks that will generate the number of sales. Published articles, blog visitors, and subscribers are not what you need to be given importance. You need to increase the number of orders and sales per month which is known as the primary KPI.

Perfect Outreach Targets: Ways You Can Find These People

Knowing the people whom you could reach out to is vital. You don’t just pick anyone online just because they are influencer. Those people must be the group of bloggers who is familiar with your product. At the same time, you must also consider the fact that they already have an existing topic about what you are reaching out.

According to Ahrefs, these two factors are considered as the main ways to look for your perfect outreach targets.

Have linked to similar content

Searching the topic in Google is the first thing you need to do. As you noticed, the basic step is to go to google and see the one who ranks at the top. After that, you need to know what are the people who are linking to them. You may be able to distinguish them through Ahrefs.

First step: Using the keyword explorer, enter the desired topic for your content. For example, you want to know more about “blogger outreach”.

Second step: Look for the article who rank first for the blogger outreach topic.

Take this, for example, you own the website Smart Blogger, and your competitor is Kissmetrics. Click the referring domains to see if who are the bloggers who used the link which will be your perfect targets.

Third step: There were a total of 89 results. Next thing you need to do is to change the type into “dofollow”. You will see that there were changes. From 89 results, it goes down to 77 results.

You may click the Basic Blog Tips to know which article they used to be linked with their article. A total of 77 websites to reach out is quite a good number of starters. If you will be going to play with keywords, which means you will be using the words synonymous to the existing keyword, you may be able to find more people who have linked to existing articles that have the similar topic.

Have mentioned your topic in their articles

After you have seen the site which was used by other websites as their source, the next thing you need to know are the sites who used the same topic that you did. The following are the things you may want to know in getting the right people you can reach out.

First step: You can use the content explorer in Ahrefs. You can reduce the results according to what you like. There are options you could choose: in title or in content. However, if you will be using the everywhere button, you will get this result.

Second step: Since there are thousands of results, the next thing you need to do is to reduce its base on how you like it to be lessened. Make your results minimal to be able to get better choices and options.

Just take a look how the number of results decreases from 6,365 to because we used a lot of filters to make the results lesser but much essential for your guest post. Since the language was focused only on English. Domain ratings were only between 30-50. Organic traffic is only from 100 and above, the results went down to 11.

Third step: Eleven (11) results are too small for a blogger outreach. Leave the domain rating blank to increase the number of results you will be needing. Don’t forget the most important part wherein you should highlight the domains that are not linked to your website.

From the articles that aren’t highlighted, there will be a higher chance that your link will be used again. Why? Because you have already built an authority with them. As tackled on “Why Creating Quality Content is Crucial for Your Website”, you are considered as one of the most qualified people that can talk about the particular topic you wanted to write.

Ways on How to Effectively Write Emails for Outreach

Congratulate yourself since you have found a lot of sources for your blogger outreach. However, it doesn’t stop there. You still need to write tons of emails for your outreach. You don’t just barge into their email inboxes and tell them about your intentions. No, you can’t just do that. There are several ways you need to do to win the approval of your target bloggers.

List down your reasons why you are reaching out

There should be enough reason why you decided to send them an email for an outreach. If you will state on your email that they need to change the link of their sources just because your article is better, you might end up on the blacklist. Come up with a more persuasive reason why your article is much more worthy to be used as a link than the one they were using.

You must not be the focus of your email

Never overhype yourself. Promoting your article directly can result in bad impression from the blogger. Your target blogger might perceive it as a brag and not in a good way. Break down the reasons why they should omit their outdated sources. The content of your email must only be about them and not about you.

Above all the things written here, the only thing you can persuade your people in your blogger outreach is to write a content that is appealing to them. You have sent an email and it is persuasive enough, however, the content looked awful. The question is, do you think those people will choose to link your article to what they are writing? Take note of this: they won’t.

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