Apparently so. Search engine giant Bing released a more streamlined approach aimed to give web developers and coders a better user experience. This targets technical queries such as API code referencing. In their blog, they provided a comparison with Google using common developer API tasks. Results showed meaningful links such as definitions, highly related searches, as well as code samples.

Good news indeed; considering the fact that developers often use non-alphanumeric characters during their queries. This is very tough for a regular search engine to handle. So the outcome is often irrelevant results that are a waste of time.

More Coding, Less Searching

This seems to be what Bing had in mind when they developed their new system. With the most important results showing first, developers don’t need to click through many pages just to find what they need. A glance can tell them immediately how a code works, and they can even copy-paste it onto their project. Quick, easy, and time-saving. Definitely a thumbs-up from the management team as well.

Better Downloads

That’s not the only thing Bing has been working on. It knows how much people rely on search engines; especially when downloading software and content (like music, games, etc.). With the new update, a user can easily see significant data about the product they want such as: cost, reviews, similar merchandise, the official download site, and its safety.

Users will definitely LOVE this new feature. Just like their developer-friendly update, it focuses on saving time while providing appropriate results. If perfected, you won’t even need to go past page one. In the future, who knows – maybe people don’t even need to scroll down anymore. This certainly proves why Bing is one of the top search engines of today.

Want More Microsoft?

If you’re a Microsoft fan, Bing has made it easier for you to search for related technologies as well. In their blog, Bing creates an example out of Cortana, the artificial intelligence voice character behind the Halo game series. During a search, it will present Cortana and an update about its release on Windows phones. This gives users a good glimpse about the product, and how it relates to new Microsoft innovations.

Pretty smart, actually. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. If you’re curious, Cortana is rumored to be Microsoft’s main weapon against Siri (from Apple). Designed to be a practical digital assistant, she will help you with your daily schedule, has the capability to search the Web for information, yet still have enough time to be witty.

What’s In Store For Other Search Engines

It seems that each search engine giant has so far released a bunch of cool new updates. Google had done their share when they announced the ‘Pigeon update’ in July. This benefited a lot of local businesses as well as those in popular directories. So the question now is: will Yahoo be next?

No one can say. A Web design agency can do is to anticipate one change after another, while hoping that they can survive it.

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