Effective Media Planner

As one of the four key disciplines of advertising, a media plan helps clients to identify the right media.

An effective media plan should reach the right audience at the right time with the right message. This is according to Kantar Media.

To do this, you will need to become an effective media planner. You have to be systematic by observing proper guidelines for coming with the best plan.

Media plan has 5 elements. You can access to the graphic of these elements here.

1. Client Request and Marketing Objectives

2. Media Objectives

3. Media Strategies

4. Media Tactics and Vehicle Selection

5. Plan and Recommendation

Starting with Client Request and Marketing Objectives

This element is one of the most crucial parts of media planning because you need to sell the brand. Most of the clients are businessmen and they might want to hear an effective brand strategy from you.

You will need to pitch ideas that are efficient and achievable. These ideas should align with the mission and vision of your client’s business.

If you have already closed the deal, you have to jot down your marketing objectives. You may want to list it through interrogative statements:

1. How do I want to grow my market?

2. What is the scope of my market and how will I achieve it?

3. How long do I want the campaign to reach the target audience?

4. How do I maintain branding qualities?

These questions may lead you to answer it by proceeding to the next element.

Establishing your Media Objectives

Before the advent of social media, clients want their ads in newspapers because it is cheap. Today, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram made advertising a lot cheaper and time- efficient.

Social media only requires a desktop and internet connection. This is the reason why online selling became a trend.

Yet, there are businesses that still need to boost online. Not only through these social media sites but also online advertisement panels.

This is where your role comes in as a media planner. You need to set media objectives that will define who your target audiences are. It is also your responsibility to identify which time of the day is effective for your campaigns. Budget plans are also the things you have to consider.

Planning your Media Strategies

Media strategies need a lot of research. This is the part where you study geography and markets. One way that will help you find the right location for your campaigns, is to use Google Earth.

Google Earth enables you to look for your client’s establishment. It will help you track the roads where you can place your printed campaigns.

In social media, using Google Earth is also the most helpful way to guide your target audience. It aids them in finding your client’s establishment.

It offers directions, thus it will be easier for your target audience to locate.

Coming up with Media Tactics and Selecting Vehicles

This element is tricky in some ways. You will need to make wise decisions in choosing the best media for your campaign.

Aside from print media and broadcast advertising, there are other social media platforms. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will help you reach your target audience.

But you have to remember that the widest users of social media are the youth. If your client sells products for women, you will have to look for other media platforms. But do not omit the social media.

This will not mean you have to pay for the print media. You may still want to consider using the social media. There is a wide range of audience-engagement regardless of age.

In 2018, a majority of the American adults use Facebook and Youtube. This data is from the Pew Research Center. Social media use this year offers a result of mixed users coming from different ages.

Aside from the free postings offered by these platforms, discover new ways. There are advertising and marketing consultancies that can help you boost your campaign.

Planning your Execution and Recommendation

The execution will measure the effectivity of your campaign. This is where you will know if you have accomplished your objectives.

If you are using Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have hashtags. It could be an effective way to let people locate your campaign.

The effectivity of the campaign is visible through your Facebook Reach. There are two reaches, the organic reach and the fan reach.

Organic reach is through the number of people who saw your campaigns. You may also want to check on the admin panel and insights. While fan reach is through your export data access from your insights.

Twitter has also analytics to show the reach of your posts. There is a free Twitter analytics report you may want to check online.

It is also important that you test your media plan. Learn to identify loopholes and edges. Find ways to improve your plan if your evaluation is below standard.

Recommendations will not only come from your own judgement. These can become feedbacks from your target audience.

An Effective Media Plan

A satisfied client and engaged target audience sum it all up for you. Measure an effective media plan through the number of products and services utilized.

The brand you made for your client should be a long-term strategy. Also, you need to gather feedback from your target audience.

Remember to keep these feedbacks and go back to your last element. Judge your plan and improve.

There will be cases of revisions. Know that you can always access sites that will help you with developing new ideas for the campaign.

Do not forget to go back to your client after the implementation. Do follow-ups and troubleshoots. Your client will still need you even after a year.

Have a daily visit to your chosen vehicles, too. This will help you know how your media plan is doing. Keep an eye to the followers of your posts and research on which sector they belong.


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