SEO Reseller

How To Have A Successful SEO Reseller Relationship

Becoming an SEO reseller is, no doubt, an excellent business venture. It cannot guarantee success, but there are ways to…


5 Important KPIs for Measuring Brand Performance

Brand performance that is measured is well-managed. A business' brand is the most valuable asset of every business. After getting…

Choosing PPC KPIs

4 Important Tips for Choosing PPC KPIs

When you were new to the business of paid search, you might have heard of colleagues or other workers mentioning…

5 Common PPC Mistakes

5 Common PPC Mistakes and How to Steer Clear of Them

What's the evergreen goal for your business? If it's not getting more customers, then it's how to make money. And…

Google Analytics for Adjusting Business Strategy

How to Use Google Analytics for Adjusting a Small Business Strategy

Are you working with or for a small business that's struggling with a low-funnel ad? The good news is that…


An Easy Guide on How to Do Ad Testing

Back in the old days, knowing how to do ad testing involved adding exclamation marks or using proper case. Those…

How to Complete PPC Audit

7 Steps on How to Complete a PPC Audit

If you have the experience of taking over a PPC account owned by someone else before, then you know how…

Marketing During COVID-19 Pandemic

Marketing During a COVID-19 Pandemic: How to Adapt Effectively

Ever since COVID-19 has spread across the world, businesses left, right, and center have been fighting for their lives. Marketing…

FB Instagram Advertising

A Guide to Facebook & Instagram Advertising During COVID-19 Pandemic

This pandemic has everyone in a tight grip, and the outbreak has had a considerable impact on daily business and…

Ethical PPC Practices

All About Ethical PPC: 5 Key Points to Remember

The idea of ethical PPC (and ethics, in general) in online advertising and in digital marketing services is not a…

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