Audience attracts natural backlinks

Having backlinks in order to rank is one of the important things that you need. Due to the reason that once you have a great number of backlinks that are of great quality, Google may consider your website to be more relevant. However, since the system of link building is never-changing, you need to be updated in order not to get outranked by the competitors.

Backlinks are important for SEO because some search engines, especially Google, will give more credit to websites that have a good number of quality backlinks, and consider those websites more relevant than others in their results pages for a search query. Google doesn’t just search for inbound links because what matters to them is the quality of the inbound link.

Essentiality of Backlinks: “It depends”

There’s no question about the vitality of backlink when it comes to ranking. However, there are cases wherein backlinks are not enough. The number of backlinks you need still depends on the things you want to achieve for your website. You might be targeting better for our keyword targets, rankings or to the number of visitors.

Meaning, if you want to gain more visitors, it is crucial that you should need more backlinks. Yet, as stated, you need to acquire quality backlinks or else, Google would still find your article or website irrelevant. That is why you should not stop in building links for your website.

Is it possible to rank without backlinks?

If you will ask, is it possible for your page to rank without any backlinks? According to Ahrefs, there are three requirements need to be met. First, lack of pages and competition on the topic you have. Second, top ranking pages don’t have any backlinks. Lastly, you must have a high domain rating.

Even though it is possible to rank without backlinks, if you are a newbie, you might regret it if you didn’t. Most of the sites that don’t contain backlinks are already famous in their niche. They got popular not just because of the contents but because of the backlinks. However, they minimized the usage of backlinks due to the reason that they are already known.

Great Content is NOT a Linkable Content

Not because the content you created is a quality content it is already a linkable content. For example, people were viewing your blog tutorial about “Easy Hairstyles You Can Do in Less Than 60 Seconds”, you are aware that people are viewing it because of the visitor counter. However, the problem with this one is the number of shares is not even increasing.

Engagement rate is more vital than the number of page views you get. As a marketer, it is essential that your target audience is interacting with you through the number of shares your article gets. Pageviews and keywords are two important factors in content marketing but they are not as important as the engagement rate and audience.

Audience and Engagement Rate: The Real Duo

Great content is nothing without anyone to will share your article. If you will only focus on the topic you will give, you are only fulfilling your needs, not the needs of your target buyers. Even though a lot of people are visiting your website but no one is actually sharing any of your article, that kind of traffic it gave won’t help your business.

How can you make the people share your article? Listed below are the factors you need to know to keep those shares coming, according to CoSchedule.

  • Allows people to inform, change the opinion, or encourage other people.
  • Gives people a better sense of who they are.
  • Lets them stay connected with people they haven’t interacted for a long time.
  • Allows them to be more involved.
  • Supports the causes and issues they care about.

Why should you invest in natural backlinks?

Getting manual backlinks is good but not as good as having natural backlinks. Again, to give an emphasis whether it is important to have a backlink or not: yes, backlinks are vital. Creating an article is not enough. Even if it is a good-written article, you couldn’t generate any traffic and get discovered by Google if you will just post the article you wrote.

Backlink Sources You Need to Avoid

Before knowing where you can easily get natural backlinks. You need to know the backlink sources you need to avoid. Why? Maybe because it might bring spamming of unnatural links which are the main factor why you got a Google penalty.

  • Paid Sources
  • Conversation Plugs
  • Link Farms
  • Article Directories
  • Exchangers

Even if you posted in the right places and reputable sites there is a chance that you might still get penalized. You must make sure that the links you are using are relevant to the flow of your topic. The following are the factors you must do in order to avoid Google penalty: quality and diverse.

Tips on How to Get Natural Backlinks

Known as a good backlink, natural backlinks exist even without any paid content. Due to the reason that the links are not placed by the company. According to Ahrefs, ”you can acquire tons of natural backlinks by broadcasting your content to a big audience of your fans.”

In other words, if you will grow a large audience, you can build natural backlinks. This is the reason why the audience is important. Not just important in the sense you can get natural backlinks. You can also get more shares, engagements, and if you have something to sell, expect that they will be going to support you and purchase from you.

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