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Antique Reflections: CHAPTER 2

Antique Reflections: CHAPTER 2

Chapter 2


We’re On Top of the World!

Maybe you’re wondering about the next chapter’s title. You will discover it here. It was again a 6:30AM tour. From the resort, we would take a boat ride going to a popular island in Antique.


The boat ride and the sunrise.


After about a 20-minute ride, at last we reached the said island.

We’re now ready for the island adventure!

We’re now ready for the island adventure!

Where are we now?


You read that right: we were at Malalison Island! Did you see the small mountain behind us? Yes, we went there.


The Malalison Island Adventure. We were asked by the locals if we wanted to trek to the other side of the small mountain. It was a definite yes. In going to the top, we have seen lots of incredible things. We have discovered a type of pine tree that grows here, as well as hardy pitcher plants. It was refreshing! It truly felt like being on top of the world.


The Cave. When something goes up, it needs to come down. And so we did – to a cave. Touring this little island is just so peaceful. The lives of the locals are simple, yet they have adequate resources. It was a one-of-a-kind adventure, to be sure!


‘Till Next Time. After our delightful cave expedition, we are now heading home. But before that, we still have some things that we need to accomplish, as reflected in the pictures below:

Our souvenirs are the 'shades of blue' water and skies, plus the powdery white sand!

Our souvenirs are the ‘shades of blue’ water and skies, plus the powdery white sand!

Our last words. If you want something unique, wonderful, peaceful, and near to nature, you will truly love this place.


Our Reflections from the Antique Trip:

  • As a team, sometimes you need to find the balance about work and life
  • In life critical thinking is important in making decision
  • It’s fun and worthy experience to travel together
  • Discipline is a very important aspect in life
  • Willingness can make you drive to the top
  • Even you take it slow as long as you want to achieve something, you can make it
  • Work and thinking together can achieve more
  • The thinking process is important to answer innovation


The SEO Connection. Change is the only constant thing in SEO. Here’s what we learned (that we can also apply during our daily digital marketing activities):

  • As long as you focus on doing something, you can achieve much.
  • If you have the willingness to learn, discover, and invest in time to make a website rank, you can do anything.
  • Even though, this industry is competitive, we need to add some ‘twists’.
  • Through innovation, you can make work even more interesting.
  • Teamwork is of course, very valuable.
  • Discipline is very important to achieve goals.
  • Sometimes, you need to take it slow in order to achieve the results you want.


It’s not yet the end. Yes, we still have a lot of things to discover together as a team. This is our search in finding the balance of work and life. This is also the time when we can reflect together and learn some lessons to apply not only in our jobs, but also in our own respective lives.

“Till the Next post! Expect lots of similar posts for the coming days. Thank you for coming and reading our blog! We hope our reflections help you in some way, too.


Acknowledgements. First: thanks to Emilio for making this trip possible. You really helped us arrange everything make things run more smoothly. Although this might not be read by our tour guides, we would like to express our deepest gratitude. Thanks to our drivers for keeping us safe. A special thanks goes out to Alen and Cherrie’s fried rice (yum!), Cris and Jamie’s bottled water, Sheila for cooking our lunch (you’re the best!) and Archie for introducing us to the Antique Trip. To Ivy and Lea, your presence made everything more fun. And finally a big thanks  to SEO Expert Al Gomez (thanks boss!) for his generous support to the team, wherever we will go, he always supports and guides the team. The man of vision that we always salute, he’s one of the main reason which inspires us to balance work and life. 

See you guys on our next adventure!

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