Afternoon Delight at Garin Farm

Here’s the continuation of our Summer to Remember trip at none other than Garin Farm, San Joaquin, Iloilo.

If you’re surrounded by data and numbers from Monday to Friday, the greenery is definitely a sight for sore eyes. SEO can be highly demanding – good thing the weather was on our side as the sun shone brightly all day. After feasting on Gambas (sizzling spicy shrimps with fried egg) and seafood chop suey (a savory mixture of vegetables), we headed to the balcony of Garin Farm restaurant to simply unwind. A few of the team members spent a little time with their families, while the rest gathered together and told stories.

The cool Summer breeze was soon mixed with soft giggles, whispers, and music. Then the subject of what to do next cropped up. That got us thinking: zip-lining or pedal boating?

Race on The Pond

It was still hot so we passed on zip-lining. Don’t worry though, we have our eye on somewhere much better for that activity (hint: Palawan!). Instead, we all agreed that some sort of water sports should be in order. The team was divided into two groups: those who want to take on kayaking, and those who wish to experience pedal boating.

Pedal boating involves a little water vessel powered by pedals. Imagine a boat and a bicycle combined. It has a roof to protect the riders from extreme heat or rain. Kayaking on the other hand, is an open boat with a slim body. All rides require a partner, so we each teamed up with a buddy.

Can you guess which one is trickier to maneuver?

Well, you better try them for yourself if you want the answer! The kayaking team was first on the water, followed by the pedal boating team. Kayaking seemed challenging at first; especially as both people needed to learn to cooperate in order to steer the boat in the right direction. However, the good part is that one can rest while the other steered for the moment. After several minutes, one can get the hang of it.

Pedal boating looks more complicated. One of the boats was acting up as well; its passengers claimed it can only be steered by pedaling backwards! As it is powered by constant footwork, you may be exhausted from using your legs! But something tells us that the pedal boating team did not regret their decision. Do you think so, too?

With most of the teams in the water, we all decided to have a mini race around the pond. During all the excitement, we couldn’t help but compare the experience to digital marketing. Right now, a lot of things are changing. Some events are even scary – and many experts don’t know what to do. But just like kayaking or pedal boating, you just have to jump in and see where it takes you. There’s always the fear of falling into the water (or the unknown); but as long as you trust in each other as a team, you will soon learn how easy things can be.

It was certainly a lot of fun trying something new together. It was hot, but we had one more activity we were dying to do.

ATV Obstacle Adventure

An ATV or all-terrain vehicle is a four-wheeled vehicle that travels on low-pressure tires and controlled by the handlebars. It’s a little like a motorcycle, only with four wheels. Even if you haven’t ridden a motor-driven vehicle before, this one shouldn’t be too hard. Just remember to ride with supervision (for first-timers) and you’ll do fine.

The boys were definitely excited to get their hands on the ATV. But as there was only one available, we had to share. That was no problem at all – we were a team! Sharing’s in our nature. Ladies first, so one of our Link Strategists put on the safety equipment and let her wild side take over (sort of!).

Next came the boys. They had to take turns with the vehicle, but from the looks of it, they quickly got the hang of riding in no time flat. The entire obstacle course was a bit small – and rough – so safety was a priority. The soil wasn’t even, plus there was an area where the ground was elevated. It was a bit tricky to climb that part. Just ask our boys!

In this activity, control was crucial. People may think that ATVs are stable, but there have been numerous cases wherein these vehicles tipped over and hurt their riders. It’s the same with SEO: you may think that your strategy is working – until you see the results. Things always look easy at first, but you have to try it for yourself to really see the difference.

What’s Our Next Destination?

We certainly had a blast at Garin Farm. Who knew we could get all those life lessons from nature? As the saying goes: ‘look deep into nature; and then you’ll understand everything better’. We surely had a different perspective after this experience. Now we’re able to appreciate both our hectic lives at the office, and the quiet times spent together as a team. One vital thing we learned from all this: you don’t need to spend a fortune to have an unforgettable Summer. Just grab a couple of friends, bring a backpack, and hit the open road.

How about you, did you go somewhere awesome lately? Tell us about your #SummerTime fun on Twitter or Facebook. Don’t forget to Pin our photos, too.

See you on our next adventure!

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