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The Advantages of An Effective Brand Association

The Advantages of An Effective Brand Association
The Advantages of An Effective Brand Association

Brand association is created deliberately, through the efforts of brand managers and marketers, and inadvertently through events and attitudes outside the control of a business. Marketing and brand campaigns, goods, advertising, press releases, and launch events, among other marketing activities, are intended to create and nurture a brand’s identity and associated brand connections.

A good brand association may help you increase sales and gain a competitive advantage. The brand association facilitates the purchasing process by helping consumers remember and recalling your brand’s features. The many ways in which brand connection may help your brand are listed below.

What is Brand Association?

Brand association refers to everything that is deeply ingrained in the thoughts of consumers about the brand. The brand must be linked with something suitable for consumers to associate it with positivity. Brand associations are the characteristics of a brand that spring to mind when the brand is mentioned.

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7 Benefits of Brand Association

1. Reinforce Brand Identity

Consumers own a large portion of a brand’s identity. When we think of Red Bull, we think of phrases like “gives you wings,” “adventure,” “daring,” and “thrilling.” These connections contribute to the brand’s identity in our thoughts. As a result, Red Bull transforms from a unique-tasting soft drink with a caffeine kick to something with a far more emotional sensation.

Red Bull develops a powerful and significant personality as a result of brand connection. Building brand association keeps a brand alive and allows it to participate in activities, brand alliances, and initiatives that extend well beyond the product area.

2. Brand Recognition

The brand association helps consumers recall your brand and its distinguishing characteristics, such as those that set you apart from your rivals. The brand association offers consumers ideas, images, and attitudes to enhance brand recall by building familiarity and reinforcing identifiable characteristics.

A strong brand connection helps in increasing customer recognition. This guarantees that a customer can find the firm mentioned whether they are searching for a particular product or a business to offer a service. Consumers are significantly more likely to choose a well-known brand than something new, even if they know nothing about the company at the time.

Color can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to establish a special connection. When most people think of Coca-Cola, the famous red and white logo comes to mind – who could forget that?

3. Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage pertains to characteristics that enable a business to produce products or services better or at a lower cost than competitors. These characteristics enable the producing unit to produce more sales or higher profits than its competitors.

Your brand is what distinguishes you in the marketplace. When customers understand and support your brand, your company gains a competitive edge. The more exposure and development you provide your brand, the higher it may climb and become famous compared to other well-known companies.

4. Customer Loyalty 

Apple has worked hard to build strong brand connections, allowing the company to establish an iconic identity and highly devoted consumers all around the globe they can see the company listed to be.

People connect Apple with concepts and characteristics such as “clever,” “user-friendly,” association with these words is so strong that Apple may charge a higher price than rivals. When consumers are ready to pay extra for a product just because it is associated with your brand, you know you’ve established some strong brand connections.

The recognition and progress that a good brand offers to improve customer happiness. Customers are attracted to goods that are similar to their thoughts. You must convey these ideas when creating a solid brand to create a genuine connection with customers. Brand loyalty may endure a lifetime and b handed down through generations.

5. Convenient Shopping for Customers

Having a solid and well-known brand improves your reputation with customers, your company, and the industry as a whole. When you enhance your credibility, you earn respect, loyalty, and competitiveness. All of these factors are interwoven, and you will find that your reputation is related to your

Have you ever heard someone remark, “I like this (particular brand)”? Connecting your brand to an idea that offers people something to strive to, be inspired by, or identify with may help your brand be seen favorably.

Consider Patagonia, a brand that has worked hard and taken significant steps to show that it is a purpose-driven business that lives by its principles. Customers know they can rely on Patagonia and its goods to meet their requirements while also instilling a sense of social responsibility in them.

6. More Reason To Purchase

The brand association offers customers reasons to buy your goods and services by endowing your brand with significant and memorable characteristics.

A great brand strategy example is from Lululemon. Its brand connection conjures up images of “athletics,” “yoga,” “fitness,” “purpose,” and even “community.” These connections may resonate powerfully with particular customers, giving them a competitive advantage over other companies that have not developed solid brand associations.

7. Easy For Product Launch

When the famous dating app Bumble debuted, it created quite a stir (pun intended) because, unlike Tinder, it offered women power. Leaving it up to the ladies to initiate contact on a dating app gave them a feeling of autonomy and empowerment. Bumble was able to connect its brand to progressive values by promoting women.

This enabled the company to effortlessly introduce new products, such as Bumble BFF and Bumble Biz — for female friendship and business networking that keeps women in the driver’s seat, respectively. If the app’s brand had been focused on conventional dating, these additional offerings might not have made much sense to users. Instead, they may have wondered why a dating app would try to foster spiritual, female connections.

When you have a strong reputation with a particular customer group, it is always easier and less expensive to introduce new products or verify them before spending more on them. Customers loyal to your business will always be interested in new products and will even look forward to their arrival if you have a strong brand following.


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