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Television, desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones… Your target audiences are just hopping from one device to the next. And with competition getting fiercer and fiercer, your chances for effectively reaching your customers become harder without the right strategies. Multi-channel digital marketing is the answer to every company’s dilemma.

By the year 2020, more than 50 billion devices will be connected to the internet. 95% of marketers already know the importance of a multi-channel approach. But only 14% of organizations believe they’ve successfully implemented one.

And the simple truth of the matter is that business owners aren’t in optimal positions to ignore this strategy any longer.

Why do you need a multi-channel digital marketing strategy?

Too much information has caused today’s society to have short attention spans. For this reason, they flit from one platform to the next. Multi-channel digital marketing reaches your customers through a multitude of direct and indirect channels including websites, emails, social networking sites, display ads, by using a Call Center Philippine and etc.

More frequent and interactive engagement with your target audience

Your customers arrive on various platforms. And multi-channel digital marketing gives you the window of opportunity that you need to reach your customers on a personal level. By reaching out to them through the channels that they prefer to use, you hone in on their preferences. You open the doors for you to communicate with them.

Better data collection and analysis

Companies would pay top dollar to understand their target consumers better. And because of this, a large portion of company funds is usually relegated to research on the target audience to get a good grip of what the company is dealing with.

Multi-channel digital marketing strategies provide a cost-effective way of getting better data collection and analysis. Most of these digital tools have sophisticated measurement systems to gauge customer behavior. These systems provide valuable information that can help marketers get a better understanding of their customers.

Competitive advantage

Most companies are aware of a multi-channel digital marketing approach to reach consumers. The stats imply a fierce competition with a need for insightful predictions. With so much research trial-and-error going into your marketing, you’re sure to have a campaign ready to counteract your competitor’s marketing strategies. So optimize your multi-channel marketing campaign well, and you’re sure to play into an effective digital marketing tactic.

Quick response to consumer demands

Technological advancements in digital communications present consumers with a wide variety of internet-connected choices. In addition to that, these consumers have the ability to conduct their transactions in a matter of seconds.

This advancement paved the way for the “age of impatience.” Your consumers want immediate results here and now. And with multi-channel digital marketing, you are provided with an efficient and effective quick-response strategy that satisfies your target customers’ demands.

Unifying your message

Tapping into numerous consumer channels give you the window of opportunity to present your brand’s message to multiple platforms. The more your brand is “out there,” the likelihood of your customers finding you again after the first time is higher.

Faster and better ROI

One of the best advantages multi-channel digital marketing can bring is quicker and better return-on-investment. Statistical Analysis System reports that customers generated through a multi-channel approach spend four times as much as single-channel consumers. Multi-channel strategies generate up to 24% increase in conversion rates.


Do you know what helps larger brands stay on top? They are present everywhere. And this is done because of a choice and not because of coincidence. If you want your brand to grow and gain more popularity, you have to start by establishing yourself across multiple marketing channels. This establishment will grant your business the sustainability it needs — even in the midst of a tough business environment.

Drives an increase in sales

Sales and profits are one of the many primary reasons for conducting business. And a multi-channel digital marketing strategy never fails to deliver on this benefit.

Multi-channel digital marketing generates more sales as it presents more opportunities for connecting with your target market at various stages of the buying process. It does more than add traffic to your site. It drives your customers to visit your physical stores too.

The Takeaway

More than 80% of marketers use a multi-channel campaign of three or more digital channels.

95% of marketers admit that running a multi-channel digital marketing campaign is important for driving sales higher. But only 73% of business have a working strategy in place.

But now that you’re aware of the advantages you can reap from a multi-channel marketing campaign, perhaps it’s time to invest in a strategy that will home in on all your target consumers.

Tap into the power of multi-channel digital marketing and turn every visitor into a brand ambassador.

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