Founded by Al Gomez on September 2008, the company begins offering only Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services where Gomez was known as “SEO Consultant”. “Dlinkers” originated from the first router used by the company which was “D-Link”. Aligned with the router importance, it plays a significant role to be connectors: connecting clients’ businesses to success.

To continue to act as connectors or linkers, in 2014, the company turns into a full digital marketing agency. With the aid of its vital core services: SEO, Local SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Design, Pay per click and Reputation Management, the company continues to deliver digital marketing solution worldwide. It serves in various industries ranging from e-commerce, legal, healthcare, technology, real estate, and etc..

The Idea of setting-up Dlinkers came from Gomez ‘ experience of becoming a web developer. His experience of maintaining website leads to meeting the significance of search engine optimization. As of today, Al Gomez is now the Head of Operations overseeing the whole company’s operation.


To provide valuable proposition, tailor-made and up-to-date digital marketing solution to every client with the aim of bringing in leads and sales rendered by empowered digital marketing experts.


When you says Dlinkers, we provide emphasis in the word “consistently”. Working with Dlinkers’ team is to consistently provide high-quality, tailor-made and up-to-date SEO solutions. We work as “linkers” or connecters” for our client’s business success.



We are team of open minded and unique individuals who have passion for innovation. At Dlinkers, we value work, time, quality, relationships, communication learning, presentations, results, research, adventures, challenges, training, leadership and more.


Meet the Head

Al Gomez , simply started the movement for business growth. He brings his vision, creativity, analytical skills and strategic planning in managing the creation and implementation of well-thought strategies to generate sustained results for a digital marketing campaign.


What our clients say about our Services


Dlinkers is a team of skilled and well-rounded professionals who are committed, quality-conscious, productive, time-bounded and adaptable to consistently provide value and results to every clients rendered around the globe.

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