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4 Proven Ways to Improve Your Content

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4 Proven Ways to Improve Your Content

“Quality content is your moneymaker in any startup,” says Startup Investor Murray Newlands. If you want to establish an authority figure, you must provide the best version of your content. To do so, you should always improve your content.

Knowledge and skills are not enough to create content that generates income. The digital marketing industry is always changing. Thus, you should apply the proven ways below to improve your content.

1. Focus on a well-defined customer persona

To produce a high-quality content, you must first create a representative sample of an audience or a persona. Customer or buyer personas are fictitious, generalized representations of your ideal customers. Through analyzing and researching real customers, you can build a detailed picture of the customer and their needs and preferences.

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How to create Customer Persona

You can create customer persona through keyword research, interviews, feedback, and surveys of your target audience.

Keyword research is the most effective tool to find out what customers are searching for. Use this tool to uncover trends about how customers find and consume content.

You should also reach out to your existing customers. Conduct interviews about their experience with your product or service. Consider all feedback, good or bad, so you could learn something new about your product or service, as well as the challenges that your customers face.

After conducting the research process, identify patterns and common answers to the interviews. Then, develop a primary persona and apply that in making and improving your content.

When writing or revising your content, ask yourself “What’s in it for them?” or “How can my content help my customer or reader?” Consider their needs, opportunities, and problems. In other words, you should carefully study your niche.

It might be hard at first but you should get rid of all your personal voice and biases into your writing. Try to give the customer or audience useful information until the end of your post, without repeatedly mentioning a product or brand.

After all, you need to build trust before you can sell something.

2. Make it easy to read and understandable

Web content writing has evolved and differs from the traditional way of writing. In a study in 2008 by Jakob Nielsen, most people only read 20% of the text on an average page. In other words, most people don’t read but only scan.

Keep your content short and sweet. Avoid flowery language. Tell them what exactly you do and explain how it will help them.

Doing this will save both your and your customer’s time. Moreover, content that is conveyed effectively will not only produce leads but also convert sales.

Applying SEO optimization

Before hitting the publish button, apply the following tactics to achieve maximum readability.

SEO Optimization Elements

A. Use subheadings

Subheadings help divide information and make navigation easier, especially for people who prefer to scan pages.

B. Keep paragraphs short

Keep your lines to a maximum of three or four. Shorter paragraphs help readers digest information faster. The white spaces will encourage the readers to read more by giving them space to breathe.

C. Use visual aids

Most people are visual learners. By using fun visuals, readers will remember your content and they will understand your point much easier.

Moreover, you can create an emotional connection with the audience if you use high-quality and relevant ones.

Some examples of visuals you can use are:


You can choose one or mix two and more. The sky’s the limit. It’s up to you to make reading more enjoyable.

3. Produce a compelling story

Communicating the facts is vital in creating content. Yet, it can be often boring. Especially when you use too many technical terms or explain monotonous processes.

Ask yourself “How can I make it more memorable and interesting to your audience or customer?”

Because humans like to listen and respond to stories, you can use real-life examples. Studying storytelling techniques is also a huge plus.

A good example is Neil Patel’s technique of applying his own experiences to give advice and offer better techniques.

By showing your readers the human side of your content, you can engage their mind and emotions at a deep level.

You can apply the ‘call to action’ technique here. After engaging your audience and customer, your chance of persuading them of availing your products or services will skyrocket.

4. Keep your content updated

At least once a year or as often as needed, update your content. This might be time-consuming but your audience or customer will appreciate your effort.

Aside from adapting to the changes in digital marketing, you should re-evaluate your content from time to time. Anticipate new target audience and follow the trends.

Some people will also give feedback about your content. That’s your best chance to update it to suit your customer or audience’s needs.

Moreover, your business or company will evolve or grow so don’t forget to keep your content growing and evolving, too. Remember that growth is a nonstop process of expansion, development, and increase.

Nothing can be completely perfect but you should invest a lot of effort to improve your content and make sure your clients get the right message from it.

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