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The 3 Major Types of Online Readers

The 3 Major Types of Online Readers


We can’t please everyone – but in the world of content, we should at least try to cater to the multitude of readers.

Online content is being devoured at a faster rate than ever before. Whether it’s videos, blogs, images, or podcasts – people want their daily dose of discovery. Add the fact that mobile use has increased dramatically; content can now be consumed anytime, anywhere. While each person is different, there are in general, three (3) major types of content consumers: the Scanner, the Sharer, and the Bibliophile. Do note that none is better than the other: they each have their own qualities that make them unique.

Care to know what type of online reader you are?

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People love all kinds of content – and there are as many people as there are types of content these days. So there’s definitely something for everyone. However, developing them is one of the biggest challenges. Where do you find inspiration? Where do you market them? How do you know what to publish? Often, the answer can be found in the users. If content creators learn to listen, the can find a treasure trove of ideas just waiting to be picked (with permission, of course). Another dilemma is old content. With the public hankering for new stuff, it can be difficult churning out new content all the time. The solution then is to enhance old content by updating it with what’s in trend. This is also a great way to improve the SEO of old pages.

There is NO secret to great content. Instead, content developers should team up with the social media marketing division to come up with brilliant, one-of-a-kind posts. The kind that readers – no matter their type – will look forward to.

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