3 Killer CRO Hacks

You’ve worked hard to get people to notice you and your content. You’ve generated your traffic, and now they’re coming constantly. But now that you have traffic, what do you do with it to reap the advantages?

Three words: Conversion Rate Optimization

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CRO Statistics

  • 7 in 10 marketers practicing CRO use results of experiments to inform offline or other marketing initiatives (Marketing Sherpa).
  • Only about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates (Econsultancy via Hubspot).
  • Companies that have 10-15 landing pages get 55% more leads than companies with fewer than 10 (HubSpot).
  • Above-the-fold CTA fold brings more conversion (ConversionXL).

3 Killer CRO Hacks to Implement

#1 Mobile-first design

Reasons to have a mobile-first design:

  • Mobile internet usage has taken over desktop usage back in 2016 (StatCounter).
  • Mobile users will exceed 5 billion by 2019 (Statista).
  • 7% of users are more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly site, while 61% will move to another site if they don’t find what they’re looking for right away (Google).
  • Mobile searches make up more than half of searches on Google (Google Support).

Things to remember to create better mobile design:

  • Minimalism. Less is more.
  • Make everything simple. Limit the choices for an easier experience.
  • Readable text alignment.
  • Include feedback whenever you get the chance.
  • Get real people to try out your prototype design.
  • Take advice from the experts (e.g. Google and Apple).

#2 Message Matching

How to do it according to Search Engine Journal:

Message match involves taking steps to align your ad to a landing page that you want to send visitors to. The following practices to consider include:

  • Dynamic web copy: Web copy that changes depending on the persona you want to attract.
  • Match ad and landing page copy: Match the copies on both pages for consistency and a united message.
  • Matching the design and tone of all your pages: Consistent experience is necessary. Use the same images and color schemes.
  • Keywords and web copy: Outfit copies to match the keywords that drive your audience to your landing page.
  • CTAs: Calls to action must be consistent with the message you’re communicating.

#3 User-generated Content

How user-generated content helps your CRO efforts:

  • The average conversion rate of visitors who see user-generated content is 161% higher than the others who didn’t (Yotpo).
  • Referrals, at 3.74%, have the highest conversion rates in customer acquisition channels (Marketo).
  • 89% of companies say that customer testimonials are effective for content marketing (Social Fresh).
  • Based on statistics, user-generated content is influential in persuading people to buy.
  • 88% of consumers trust online reviews like personal recommendations (Search Engine Land).
  • Reviews are a form of social proof — it’s a matter of quality assurance. The more people speak out with good experiences, the more likely are you to buy.
  • 50 or more review can increase conversion rates by 4.6% (Reevoo).
  • Consumer reviews are 12x more trust than any company’s service or product descriptions (eMarketer).

What good user-generated content looks like according to Conversion XL:

  • Actual descriptions of products and services.
  • Comparing a product to other brands
  • A balance of positive and negative comments.
  • But positive reviews must be greater in number than negative reviews.

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